More children across Los Angeles County will have help finding homes thanks to an influx of cash from the state.

The California Department of Social Services recently notified the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) that the County will receive an additional $4.6 million in Bringing Families Home (BFH) Program funding, through June 30, 2022. The primary focus of BFH is to provide rapid re-housing and case management services to families in the child welfare system.

Since its implementation in January 2018, DCFS and the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA), in collaboration with housing partners, have successfully served over 300 families and 400 children under the BFH Program. Through this additional funding, the DCFS and the LACDA will be able to assist another 300 homeless families.

“Children thrive in safe and stable homes. This investment from the State, and partnership with LACDA, will strengthen the Department’s goal of reunification by providing supportive services to the many families of Los Angeles County,” stated Bobby D. Cagle, Director of DCFS.

In spite of the challenges to locate affordable housing for these high-barrier families in Los Angeles County, the continued success of the program reflects the strong partnership and shared mission to reunify families and end homelessness in the community.

“Throughout the years, the LACDA has partnered with DCFS to administer programs to reduce homelessness,” said Emilio Salas, LACDA Acting Executive Director. “This additional funding from the State of California will continue our efforts to help families in the child welfare system stabilize their lives.”

Submitted by Elisa Vásquez, LACDA Public Information Officer

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