The Santa Monica Police Department is investigating a suspicious death and while a suspect has been arrested for murder, officers said they do not know what actually happened at the scene.

According to SMPD records, Jaime Bertrand was arrested on Jan. 20 on a murder charge related to a suspicious death that occurred on the 1100 block of 14th Street.

Lieutenant Candice Cobarrubias said officers were called to the scene of a fight at about 8 p.m. on Sunday night where one individual had fallen unconscious.

“Officers and Fire began CPR on the unconscious individual (victim) however they were unable to revive him,” she said. “As of now, what we know is that there was a physical altercation between two individuals inside the home and as a result, one of the individuals passed away.”

Cobarrubias said officers are actively investigating and waiting on results from the autopsy before releasing more information.

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