With a new year comes new resolutions, and like the many Santa Monica residents who have undoubtedly set goals related to fitness, finances and future success — business owner Steph Sklar-Mulcahy has a few resolutions of her own this year.

In 2019, thanks to the success of CycleBar Culver City, Sklar-Mulcahy was named CycleBar’s Franchisee of the Year, but, this year, the business owner’s focus is geared towards CycleBar Santa Monica, an establishment that was previously shuttered.

“We hear a lot of people say over and over, ‘Oh my God, how can you reopen a business that was closed? How do you feel like you can make it succeed?” but Sklar-Mulcahy said in an interview Tuesday that she’s quite confident she will be able to replicate the success of her Culver City studio.

About 14 years ago, Sklar-Mulcahy got involved in the AIDS LifeCycle ride where she participated in a nearly 550 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in an effort to raise money for HIV and AIDS research.

“It’s a really incredible event, because you have all these people that are like pedaling towards one goal and there’s all these volunteers that are looking after you and it’s really a perfect world — We call it the love bubble,” Sklar-Mulcahy said. “You don’t have to spend money, you don’t have to buy food, your gear is carried for you…. and you finish the ride and it’s like, ‘How do I go back into the world after I just lived in this utopia for seven days?’”

Sklar-Mulcahy said was hooked from the first ride and soon after set a goal to find a place where she could make the love bubble happen every day.

“So when I found CycleBar and I opened it, it was the perfect place where I could create this community where everybody is happy to be here. And I think we’ve done that in Culver City,” Sklar-Mulcahy said, mentioning how she has received letters and praise from past clients thanking her for creating a gym with a family-like atmosphere.

“And, what we’re really hoping to do now is to copy the success that we’ve had over in Culver, which is really create an inclusive community where people of all ages, shapes, sizes, feel comfortable to come and work out and also just feel welcome,” Sklar-Mulcahy said, because the gym is about more than burning calories.

“It’s really about coming in and creating a space where people feel safe and welcomed because you never know what people are going through outside your doors, so we just want to make sure that they feel the love when they’re indoors with us,” Sklar-Mulcahy said, “because that when the fun happens.”

CycleBar Santa Monica is set to begin hosting classes on Jan. 17th, and local residents are encouraged to visit its website — santamonica.cyclebar.com — to sign up for as many as three free classes.

“One thing that sets us apart from other studios is that once you get in our doors, everything is included,” Sklar-Mulcahy said, mentioning the gym’s towel, shower and shoe rental services. “So you decide to bring yourself to the studio along with a change your clothes and we got you from there.”

Sklar-Mulcahy added there are a few different class times to choose from depending on one’s preference.

“As we grow, we’re going to have a little bit of a limited schedule because we’re testing a few of the times once we first open as we build our membership base,” Sklar-Mulcahy said. “So to the people who are saying, ‘I want more classes.’ Invite your friends.” There’s plenty of room in the 2500 square feet gym featuring nightclub lights and music.


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