On December 30, 2019, officers from the Santa Monica Police Department’s Vice Unit conducted a minor decoy operation with assistance from members of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to check on compliance at alcohol retail establishments within the City of Santa Monica. The Minor Decoy Program uses supervised individuals under the age of 20, who attempt to purchase alcohol at licensed premises. Any sale of alcohol to a minor decoy may result in criminal and administrative sanctions for the employee and the licensee.

The team visited five alcohol retail establishments within the city of Santa Monica. All establishments did a commendable job and used proper protocol as the minor decoy was denied alcohol at each location.

The following locations engaged in responsible sales of alcohol by asking for the decoy’s age, identification and refusing to sell alcohol upon determining the minor was under 21:

  • Vons market – 1311 Wilshire Blvd
  • CVS – 1932 Wilshire Blvd
  • Bristol Farms – 3105 Wilshire Blvd
  • BevMo! – 3212 Wilshire Blvd
  • Rite Aid – 1331 Wilshire Blvd

The Minor Decoy Program has proven to be an effective tool in promoting responsible practices in the sales of alcoholic beverages by licensees, reducing substance abuse and enhancing community welfare by limiting underage access to alcohol.

This project is part of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s Alcohol Policing Partnership Program.

Submitted by Lieutenant Candice Cobarrubias

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  1. Great job! When I was walking in the promenade with a friend, we noticed a young girl (teen) so drunk her friends were trying to hold her up. This was happening in the outdoor area. Perhaps the police should investigate these sleezy bars that dot the promenade. I’m not talking about some of the finer eating establishments serving alcohol. These are bars where very young people congregate. Thank you.

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