The Staples store located on Wilshire Boulevard and 15th Street is set to close on Friday, Feb. 7, according to company officials.

Store employees said they had no information as to why the local store is closing, but Staples’ corporate office said the business is evolving alongside the customer when it confirmed the closure in a statement Tuesday.

“We continually monitor the performance of Staples stores across the country to ensure we’re meeting our customers where they want to be met,” said Staples spokesperson Jocelyn Moruzzi. “We remain committed to supporting lifelong achievement for small businesses, parents, teachers and students through our products, solutions and shared learning.”

Word of the closure first spread after store employees at the local office supply store were told the store would be closing in a month, and local residents quickly took to social media to express their concerns.

The office retail company is primarily involved in the sale of office supplies and related products and some residents voiced worries that the shutdown could have an impact on local schools and businesses since the store is renowned for supporting locals.

“I am there at least three to four times a week shopping for various items and I always see it packed with students, parents and professionals who are all getting those ‘ASAP’ supplies,” said resident Brian Lasky. “It’s really just a bummer to lose an actual viable business. Staples serves a huge purpose in the community. (It’s) such a shame.”

Some residents, like Julie Werner, have written an email addressed to the company’s CEO in an effort to inform the company how special the local brick and mortar supply store is to her and others.

“I hope something happens not only for residents’ sake but for the employees’ too,” Werner said. “I’ve also talked to people at restaurants and they’re very concerned too.”

“The only other option in the area is to go to the Staples on Lincoln or the one on Bundy,” according to Werner, but she feels neither of those locations are as nice as the soon-to-be-closed storefront on Wilshire.

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  1. So sad…hope that Santa Monica City government will do more to keep these threatened, though profitable and vital, businesses in our community. Barnes & Noble is a good example — still operating just fine in many other locales. Our city needs to be more friendly to these types of businesses because they add to our productivity and wellbeing. Ecommerce shouldn’t be used as an excuse for extreme rents and taxation on top of reasonable, but much higher minimum wages than everywhere else.

  2. I love this store!!! It supports my business in many ways. I am surprised this location is closing. It seems like a busy store when I am there. Driving to Bundy will be a bummer.

  3. I opened the store 10 yrs ago..Was a great experience at that time.Staples cared for their Mgrs and staff…but everything changes when you lose ground to Amazon and costs go up..Company lost its touch with their mgrs and definitely their neighborhoods the stores are in..just matter of time until they all close..

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