Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota senator and presidential candidate, toured Community Corporation of Santa Monica’s newest 100% affordable development Wednesday before a presidential debate held at Loyola Marymount University. Tara Barauskas, CCSM’s executive director, explained how the non-profit developer built and financed The Arroyo, which provides 64 apartments in downtown Santa Monica for lower-income households. Klobuchar discussed her housing policy proposals, including an expansion of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, which covers rent higher than 30% of the voucher holder’s income, to include all qualifying households with children. Klobuchar said she would pay for her housing proposals by raising the corporate tax rate to 25% and aligning the capital gains tax rate with the income tax rate for households earning more than $400,000 annually.

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  1. so, you’ll add in all qualifying households With Children…and still absolutely nothing for thousands of discarded senior women homeless in cars with the minimum income requirement for senior affordable buildings if one was chosen by lottery at $1680 mo., double what senior women receive…a woman who was married for 10 plus years to a man collecting the maximum SS just under $2800 mo. would only qualify for $1400 OR her own SS, whichever is larger…NOT both…so only senior couples, senior men, or senior women whose husbands died and are collecting the full amt of his SS, assuming his was over the minimum, will have any chance at housing…AND, these bldgs. would not accept a voucher if you were lucky enough to get one…they are now reserved thru CES for mentally ill and or addicted primarily able bodied males who have been arrested repeatedly and or sent by paramedics to hospitals for overdoses…those who contribute nothing are rewarded…women who worked their entire lives are left out on the street…the native americans sent their old women out into the woods to die…is this the best you can do? Open your eyes…before you are the next.

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