The City of Santa Monica has devastated Lincoln Blvd. It started with their idiotic decision to put the Metro line at street level. Lincoln Blvd was already a very congested street, especially as it approaches the 10 Freeway. Why the city officials wanted the Metro at street level is beyond me.

But what is now making Lincoln even worse is the construction of 4 large apartment projects in a 2 block stretch. The construction process alone is causing traffic snarls, but it will continue once all the units are occupied.

When/where will it stop?

Jim Estes, Santa Monica.

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  1. When we get rid of our present day City Council. Santa Monica has the highest crime rate of any city its size in California and the entire country. People are afraid to walk at night. Crime is rampant. it takes 45 min for the police to respond to a bicycle thft where two tenants confronted this thug and a fight ensued. 45 min. This occurred in the middle of the day. I was at the 7-11 on Wilshire & 7th across the street from a new luxury hotel where the 400$ tourist stay. They complained bitterly about being harrassed by bums, criminals, beggars, drug addicts, drunks, thugs. A punk threw his skateboard against the building of 7-11 and the owner called the police. Within 2 seconds I heard sirens from the north, south, east and west. over 5 cars in the middle of the day! They found and arrested the thug. Point being: The city council is out to protect the people who bring money into this city, not its citizens. The council wants the citizens to be fearful it takes their minds off what the most corrupt city council is doing: Building too many commercial developments where they shouldn’t be built. ALL OVER THE CITY. The citizens don’t complain about this because they are too afraid to walk down to the cliffs to watch the sunset. This is just what the city council wants…keep your eyes off of them and pay more attention to thug outside your door.

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