Joseph Krongchana (SMPD)

Police have arrested a second man for spraying bear repellent on anti-Trump protesters at the Santa Monica Pier.

Two men dispersed the chemical in the afternoon of Oct. 19 after arguing with protesters who had held an anti-Trump rally near the Pier earlier that day. David Dempsey, 32, of Orange County, was arrested for prohibited use of a tear gas weapon and assault with a caustic chemical.

Candice Cobarrubias, a Santa Monica Police Department lieutenant, said detectives have identified the second suspect as Joseph Krongchana, a 43-year-old San Gabriel resident, and searched his home on Dec. 6, finding chemical spray canisters similar to what was used on the Pier. Krongchana was arrested for use or possession of tear gas and transported to the SMPD Jail.



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  1. You can’t help but wonder why there would be Trump protesters in a city full of people that already hate Donald Trump. Preaching to the choir? The need to show thier hostility and resentful “feelings” in public? It seems senseless.

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