Jinea Cole

SMC Corsair / Daily Press Staff Writer

This year Santa Monica College (SMC) men’s water polo team falls to another hard season. Going 2-5 in conference, and 9-20 overall in the 2019-2020 season. The Corsairs went through a difficult season, trying to get over the hump, only having a couple of wins under their belt.

Two of SMC’s freshman — Frederick Brown, and Ezequiel (Zeke) Ramirez — shared how they felt about this season. Brown, playing in his first year at SMC shared some thoughts. He stated, “As a player I felt that I received an unforgettable learning and bonding experience with the team and the sport itself. Everyone on the team had really friendly personalities and believed in the idea of pushing each other to our very limit.”

Ramirez, also new to this team added, “The season went well, definitely a lot of learning and I respect Spencer as a coach.”

Brown and Ramirez, being new players, saw that their team had commitment issues.

“We had a lackadaisical attitude and I know that was a big thing for Spencer and we saw how it made us lose, and no one likes losing. We hated it. I definitely want to change that next season and I know we will,” said Ramirez.

Although commitment played a role in how the season turned out, one player saw it as a learning experience.

“What I’ve learned from this season is that in the moment you must make a choice, never hesitate. In order to have a better season next year the team simply has to work on being at every practice,” Brown added.

The Corsairs were able to hang with some of the best teams in the league, which showed on the scoreboard.

“We were able to face off against some really strong teams and do well, but we would have done significantly better if everyone was committed to coming to practice every day,” said Brown.

Although the Corsairs came up short this season, they hope they can make a splash next year.


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