Police pulled a man to safety on Friday.

The Santa Monica Police Department responded to reports of a man on a ledge near Interstate-10 Friday afternoon.

Traffic was closed to oncoming cars in the area, so officers had to help buses reverse direction between Colorado Avenue and Olympic Boulevard while pedestrians were told to take another route after officials declared a hard street closure.

The man climbed over the rail on the 4th street bridge at about 2:40 p.m.

Local student Tyeisha Colley said she saw the man sitting on the bridge shortly after.

“I told him God loves you because he was on the edge and I thought he was going to commit suicide,” she said. “He said ‘he doesn’t’ so I called the police.”

Officers shut down the 4th street freeway ramps and diverted traffic from the freeway.

At about 3:55 p.m. SMPD officers wearing safety harnesses formed a human chain and were able to pull the individual from the ledge.

Roads were reopened at about 4 p.m.

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