Saturday, the Daily Press reported that Joe Biden had come to Los Angeles, to LA Trade Tech, mainly talking, as he does, about how he is the one to beat tRump.

But Saturday, Bernie Sanders also was in LA—in East LA.

Bernie offered his determination to immediately, on being elected January 2021, to pursue Medicare for All health care for all Americans. To abolish student debt, and to see that America has tuition free colleges and trade schools for those who want to further their education. He’ll see it’s paid for it through restoring taxes on the ultra-rich and taxing stock purchases.

AND Bernie will defeat the Mango Mussolini.

So what’s the big difference between the two candidates?

Bernie offers actual change for our lives—where Biden is the same old Neo-con Democrat we had the last time around, who also promised just mainly she’s beat tRump—and he promises little political-social change.

That’s the contrasting choice we have coming months away now for California, in the March Primary, 2020. Do the right thing: vote for the Senator from Vermont.


Andrew Liberman

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