On October 24, at approximately 3:03 p.m.

Officers responded to 395 Santa Monica Place for a theft that just occurred. The victim stated she was seated on a chair outside the Rolex store with her purse in her immediate presence. As the victim was looking at her phone, the suspect rode his bike near the victim and grabbed her purse. The victim screamed just as the suspect rode off with her purse which contained the victim’s passport and $3k international currency. A witness to the theft called police and gave a description of the suspect. Officers were able to review surveillance footage from Santa Monica Security and broadcast a description of the suspect. Officers observed the suspect running in the 800 block of Colorado and detained him. The suspect’s backpack was located with the victim’s purse inside of it. The suspect was positively identified and arrested. Glenn Pike, 21, was arrested for grand theft, providing false identification and a warrant.

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  1. This little character might be able to find a job in West Hollywood somewhere but there are very few places that would hire someone that looks like him.

  2. Maybe that’s why he felt he needed to grab a purse. Maybe if someone would give him a chance he do good. Someone like him could be your family if everyone didn’t judge people by there looks it would be a better world. Doesn’t matter what anyone looks like they deserve a chance.

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