Anne Asche with her grandson, Daniel Sacks. (Brennon Dixson)

When Santa Monica resident Anne Asche was born, Prohibition had yet to take effect in the United States and Babe Ruth was still playing baseball.

The ban on alcohol in the United States came to an end in 1933 and Ruth retired a couple years later in 1935, but the local centenarian can still be seen wandering the halls of Wellbrook Senior Living, where she celebrated her 100th birthday Thursday.

Alongside her family and fellow residents, Asche enjoyed a birthday celebration featuring live music, cake and, of course, gifts. The Boston native who moved to Santa Monica a little more than a decade ago also had the opportunity to meet her grandson, who is nearly a century younger than her.

“It’s really touching that everybody here at Wellbrook commemorated the day,” Asche’s daughter Nancy Sacks said before she posed for pictures with her mother. “I know she feels special, which is always great when you’re celebrating a birthday — even if you’ve had 100 already.”

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