Shaquil Oseibonsu (SMPD)

On Oct. 17, 2019 at 7:50 a.m., officers were called to the area of 1550 Ocean Ave. for an estes robbery. A male suspect took a soda from the business and punched the employee. The suspect was detained in the area and taken into custody without incident. Shaquil Oseibonsu, 23, homeless, was booked for robbery. His bail was set at $50,000.

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  1. Homeless criminals congregate in areas where they know that loitering, trespassing, and panhandling laws are not really enforced.

  2. Knowing that, where is the police presence? They are close to the Luxury Hotel on 7th and Wilshire and the 7-11 store across the street. After many “luxury” customers complained about spending $400/night only to confront the problem of these punks hanging around the 7-11 store. They complained about being harassed, accosted by drunks for money so they could go back into 7-11 and buy more booze. I was in the 7-11 store only to buy a bottle of water. The dirtbag congregation was all over the place. I told the owner he has a right to tell these animals to get off his property. He did. One dirtbag threw his skateboard against the window. Sirens were heard IMMEDIATELY from every direction, north, south, east. west. They arrived within 1-2 minutes. They arrested the dirtbag, 2 blocks away his frizzy nappy hair was pushed down with, I’m sure, his spit, but still carrying that very colorful skateboard. We identified him. He was arrested. To make a short story long, the police have been told to protect the customers at the hotel and all other high-end hotels or businesses. My neighbor called the police to report “someone is breaking into our secured garage. He’s stealing 2 bikes right now!. A few minutes later he was seen in Reed Park selling them. No police response. This city council has got to go. There must be a candidate with conservative plans on crime yet protects rent control. I would campaign for you and I’m sure a majority of this city would as well.

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