Trump Temper Tantrum

Lately there have been numerous comparisons of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. For starters, both Republicans faced impeachment inquiries and both appeared to have mental health issues. Nixon, for example, in his final days as President, drank excessively. Trump shuns alcohol but once admitted, “I’d be the world’s worst if I drank.”(He’s pretty close, as is.)

Back to Nixon, on August, 7, 1974, the inebriated president begged Henry Kissinger to kneel and join him in praying to the paintings of former presidents. Reluctantly, Kissinger complied. (Imagine Nixon’s reaction if suddenly Henry had begun rocking back and forth, davening.)

Ironically, Trump’s many incoherent ramblings seem exactly like an obnoxious, loud drunk at the end of the bar. Last week Trump hosted the Finnish President, Sauli Niinistö, who witnessed a Trump tantrum firsthand.

Niinistö, had to endure Trump’s rambling and vicious attacks on the press. Niinistö was cool and collected, though, at times, he looked like he longed for it all to be over. (Boy, can I relate.) However it only got worse and ended with what seemed like Trump’s doing Robert DeNiro in “Taxi Driver.”

The target of Trump’s unbridled wrath was Reuters White House reporter, Jeff Mason, who refused to be bullied. “What favor did you want from the President of Ukraine” “Are you talking to me?” Trump responded, barely able to contain his anger.

In a tone resembling Travis Bickle, the violent Vietnam War vet taxi driver, Trump all but ordered Mason to ask Niinistö a question. It was obvious he did so to dodge the question directed at him. (For Trump supporters name one other POTUS who has ever engaged in these tantrums, which, in this instance, ran 17 very painful and embarrassing minutes.)

Of course, Niinistö may have already had a rather unfavorable opinion of Trump who, in November, 2018, claimed the Finish President counseled him that to avoid forest fires in California “We should sweep the forest floors.” Naturally, it’s beyond absurd to compare the two climates as Finland extends all the way to the Arctic Circle. In addition, Niinistö, who would seem to have no ax to grind, no pun intended, adamantly said no such conversation took place.

This week’s column title is in reference to when Trump tore into Congressman Adam Schiff for disrespecting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “You know, there’s an expression, ‘he couldn’t carry his ‘blank’ strap.” Keep in mind, minutes earlier Trump had tweeted “BULLSHIT.”

In the past, things Trump has tweeted were “bullshit” include: Robert Mueller’s report, climate change, the Oscars and a New Yorker story about the late and disgraced Roger Ailes. (Which, was 100% true.) But this was the first time Trump has tweeted BULLSHIT in all caps. And yet, a suddenly prudish Donald refused to say “jock strap.” Go figure.

This brings me full circle to the comparison of Trump to Nixon, who despite his criminal behavior, revered the office and history of the presidency. Proudly, it seems, Trump doesn’t read and the only history he knows is what he sees on Fox News. Nixon knew what was expected of the president, knew he had fallen horribly short and thus tried to cover it up. Trump, it appears, could care less about what’s expected of an American President. Nixon tried to deny his criminal behavior in a cover up, whereas Trump seems to say in public, “Yeah, I did it. So what?”

Nixon was raised in near poverty, worked hard and served in the Navy during WW2. Trump was born with a silver spoon in his butt, never worked unless you call coning people work and dodged the military with what was in all likelihood a fictitious bone spurt, so bogus he couldn’t remember on which foot he supposedly had it.

And now Trump is on a made-up anti-corruption mission and is asking foreign nations, including our adversaries to help in this contrived cause. Remarkably, in the entire world, the only supposed corruption he’s found is that of a political rival. Go figure.

But every once in a while Trump, the self described “chosen one,” and “stable genius” who has “great and unmatched wisdom,” tells the truth. Keep in mind he paid $25 million to settle the fraudulent Trump University case, it’s fitting he recently said, “I’m all about corruption.”

As of a few days ago, Trump is subjecting our allies, the Kurds, to being massacred by the Turks. Apparently, his reason is, “They didn’t help us at Normandy.” Say what?! So do we abandon Japan, Italy and Germany?

Trump’s disastrous withdrawal from Syria is receiving vehement bi-partisan castigation. Even a Fox News poll reveals “51% of the country want him removed from office.” Poor, little Donnie. It seems the least he should be allowed to do is say “jock strap.”

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  1. As bad as Nixon was, Trump is much, much worse. Lest we forget, Kissinger may be a war criminal and it is said that he can’t travel outside the United States for fear he will be arrested.

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