An armed robbery suspect escaped from police on Montana Avenue Wednesday night after trying to rob a man in a car.

According to the Santa Monica Police Department, two individuals were sitting in their car near 21st and Montana at about 8:45 p.m. when the suspect approached. The suspect, described as a man in his 20’s wearing a dark hoodie and black shorts, pointed a handgun at the couple and demanded money.

“When the victim saw what they believed to be a weapon, they drove off and called the police,” SMPD said in a statement. “The suspect fled the area.”

According to SMPD the total time between the attempted robbery and an officer arriving on the scene was about 15 minutes as the victims had to find a safe place to pull over and dial 9-1-1.

The suspect was last seen driving west on Montana in a car of unknown type.

The incident was the second time an armed robber has escaped a crime on Montana Avenue this year.

In September, a man wearing a white “Day of the Dead” type of mask, dark clothing and gloves entered Wells Fargo armed with a shotgun and demanded money. He received between three to five thousand dollars and left the location. The man was last seen jumping a wall to the rear of the bank.

In August, SMPD arrested several suspects who attempted to rob a Montana Avenue jewelry store. The suspects entered the store and smashed a display case with a hammer. 

The owner immediately intervened and was able to push the suspect outside of the store. A second suspect carrying a sledgehammer approached the owner and struck him with it, causing minor injuries.

The suspects fled the area in an awaiting car but were later arrested.

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  1. I would like a description all not found: Gender (LOL), race, glasses, facial hair, height, size. I want to know the boogie man behind me. Thanks!

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