I found the “Earth Talk” column in Monday’s paper describing the efforts of coastal cities in preparing for future mega storms quite interesting. One factor was missing, however. Unless we can stop the pace of climate change, these preparations will eventually prove fruitless. Scientists predict that the rate at which the world’s glaciers melt will only accelerate. If Greenland’s ice sheet melted, the sea level would rise by 20 feet. And if the Antarctic ice sheet melted this would result in an additional 200 foot rise in sea levels. It is unlikely that any city could possibly prepare for this.

In order to head this off, every country must do its part in moving away from fossil fuels starting with the U.S. Since January, several bills have been introduced in the House of Representatives that would tax fossil fuels. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, for example, would return all of the proceeds to American households.

Forty six countries already have carbon pricing legislation either in place or pending. Polls show that 66% of American voters support a carbon fee and dividend bill vs. 15% oppose. Hopefully, our leaders will heed their constituents before it is too late.

Barry Engelman

Santa Monica