Pacific Park celebrated 15 years of PALpalooza by treating California PAL kids to its annual back-to-school outing on Friday, September 13 from 5-11 p.m. To date, Pacific Park has hosted over 5,000 kids since beginning the PAL program on the Santa Monica Pier.
Santa Monica PAL is Pacific Park’s primary charitable organization on the Westside. The two-acre amusement park donated all food, drinks, games and rides for PALpalooza.
California Police Activities League (CalPAL) chapters, from Santa Barbara to Victorville, joined the Santa Monica Police Activities League (PAL) to receive a free, fun-filled back-to-school treat featuring exciting rides, midway games and meals from the Park’s oceanfront food court.
“We are delighted to be celebrating our 15 year partnership with Santa Monica PAL. The success of PALpalooza grew from a simple idea to host local PAL kids for a fun day at the Park to now include PALs from throughout California for a fun back-to-school treat including rides, games and excitement at the beach,” said Nathan Smithson, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. “While the kids have a great time, PALpalooza has a special meaning for Pacific Park’s employees too. They enjoy seeing the smiles and pleasure for so many kids during the back-to-school event.”
“Pacific Park has been a terrific partner for PAL since the inception of PALpalooza. Not only do we work with the Park on this event but we enjoy their support for other activities and programs throughout the year,” says Eula Fritz, Director of the Santa Monica Police Activities League. “PALpalooza provides the kids with a once-a-year opportunity to play the games, ride the attractions and enjoy delicious refreshments all compliments of Pacific Park. We are grateful for their caring, passion and generosity.”
submitted by Cameron Andrews