On September 6 take a moment and stop in Camera Obscura Art Lab to take an Art Break for free. Initialized in San Francisco in 2011, Art Break Day has grown into an international event, celebrated in 143 locations across 6 countries. Thus far, this project has included over 30,000 participants and amassed a vast collection of art. Participants of the event frequently form strong social relationships, obtain a sense of self-empowerment, and discover pride in and joy for the creative process.

Art Break Day was created by the non-profit Art is Moving. It is a daylong celebration that encourages all people to sit down, take a short break from their busy lives, and make art for free, together with people from around the world. The annual event occurs simultaneously in all participating locations on the first Friday of September. This year’s Art Break Day will take place on September 6, 2019 and will be celebrated in over 40 locations, including cities across the United States, India, Bolivia, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Venezuela.

The Santa Monica Art Break Day site will be hosted by Lisa Rasmussen MFA. She is Co-Founding Director of Art is Moving and Art Break Day. Rasmussen, also is a local Santa Monica  painter, sculptor, teacher, and holistic life coach.  She has spent over 16 years teaching the art-making process as a tool for healing and empowerment, and to transform people’s lives. She is the founder of the Harmonia Institute and FLOW: Creative Life Coaching. Rasmussen also leads arts & healing and yoga retreats to Greece with her organization Artemis Sacred Journeys.

Submitted by Lisa Rasmussen

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