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A pair of Santa Monica residents are among the presumed victims of the Conception boat accident.

The Malibu Divers store posted a notification on their Facebook page Tuesday asking friends to share stories about Charles Mcllvain and Marybeth Guiney who were among the 34 people killed when the boat caught fire.

“I was fortunate to meet Marybeth as my roommate on a dive trip to Canada. She was so kind and full of life like so many others have said. We kept in touch with texting and I was looking forward to making a trip down that way to dive with her. I am so heartbroken, she was such an amazing human being,” said Chelsi Gress on Facebook.

“Don’t feel like believing this one,” said Joseph Mancha. “What a great person. I must have met Chuck when I was 20 years old. His sense of humor was legendary and I thought the world of him for his work on feature vfx. He just seemed impossibly cool and intelligent.”

Authorities say they have recovered the bodies of 33 people who died in the scuba diving boat fire that happened near the Santa Cruz Islands.

Coast Guard Lt. Zach Farrell said Wednesday that 13 bodies were recovered Tuesday and that one person is still missing.

Farrell spoke on behalf of an interagency joint information center representing local, county, state and federal officials.

The boat caught fire before dawn on Monday. Authorities previously said 34 people aboard who were below decks sleeping were presumed dead and that five crew members including the captain escaped.

DNA will be needed to identify the victims. Authorities will use the same rapid analysis tool that identified victims of the deadly wildfire that devastated the Northern California town of Paradise last year, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.

The victims are being named as officials identify them or through their families and friends.

Apple says an engineer, his wife, daughter and another Apple employee were on board the scuba diving boat consumed by fire off the coast of Southern California on Labor Day.

Deirdre O’Brien, a senior vice president at Apple, said Wednesday in a statement that Steve Salika, his wife, Diana Adamic, daughter, Tia Salika, and Apple colleague Dan Garcia went on the trip.

O’Brien told the Mercury News that they were celebrating Tia’s 17th birthday.

Steve Salika worked at Apple for 30 years.

San Francisco’s ABC affiliate, KGO, reports that 52-year-old hairdresser and photographer Lisa Fiedler from Mill Valley was a passenger on the boat, according to her mother Nancy Fiedler. She says her daughter loved nature.

Susana Rosas of Stockton, California, posted that her three daughters — Evan, Nicole and Angela Quitasol — were with their father Michael Quitasol and stepmother Fernisa Sison.

Evan Quitasol was a nurse at St. Joseph’s Medical Center of Stockton, where her father and Sison had worked after attending nursing school at San Joaquin Delta College.

Sison also worked at the college teaching first-year nursing students full-time in 2005 and 2006 and later as an adjunct instructor, according to the school’s spokesman, Alex Breitler.

Scott Chan, a physics teacher at American High School in Fremont, also was aboard with his daughter, said Brian Killgore, a spokesman for the Fremont Unified School District. The district said in a statement that Chan taught Advance Placement physics classes for the past three years.

ABC affiliate KNXV-TV in Phoenix reported that an Arizona couple, Patricia Beitzinger and Neal Baltz, were on the trip.

“They went to heaven doing something they loved together,” Neal’s father, John Baltz, told the television station.

Also below decks was Kristy Finstad, a marine biologist and co-owner of Worldwide Diving Adventures in Santa Cruz, which chartered the boat. Finstad was leading the scuba tour.

Finstad knew the area well and had done hundreds of dives in the Channel Islands, where she first swam with her father as a toddler. She first dove with a tank off Mexico at age 9, according to her company’s website.

Associated Press writers Stefanie Dazio, John Antczak and John Rogers in Los Angeles, Julie Watson in San Diego and Janie Har in San Francisco contributed to this story.


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