On August 22, at approximately 11:35 a.m.

A male entered into the Rite Aid store located at 2412 Pico Blvd and began to drink a Gatorade from the shelf. When he was informed he needed to pay for the item, he told them he did not have any money. He sat down at the entrance area of the store and continued to drink the Gatorade. Police arrived on scene and the suspect was placed under private person’s arrest for shoplifting. Brandon Hurley Jones, 34, homeless, was arrested for shoplifting and a parole violation.

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  1. Santa Monica used to have the feel of an upscale, clean, safe city. Not anymore, there are all kinds of criminals from the inner cities of Los Angeles who have made Santa Monica their home. Sad to see it go after all these years.

  2. What good does reporting this do for our community? This man is so down on his luck he went into a drug store and drank a sports drink during the hottest time of the year. He’s probably just trying to survive. Why won’t we instead discuss our corrupt city council who has wasted insane amount of our tax dollars to save their jobs? I feel bad for this man and had I been at Rite Aid would have happily covered the cost of his hydration. SMDP is an amazing voice but shame on you for shaming this man.

  3. Would you feel differently if it was your store? And he had the audacity to sit in front and continue drinking what he stole? Do you know how many places take care of the homeless on a hot day? These creeps are ruining the city I live in! We should erect work camps for all of them. I agree with you about the city council, but they’re not the ones who prevent me from walking downtown, go to the movies in the evening or night, make me walk around with a pepper spray bottle in my hand, make me not want to take the bus (in fact I had to drop out of a class because the last bus stop is on 5th and Arizona, I live on 21st and Idaho.) so please, save your sympathy for those who REALLY need it.

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