A 19-year-old Spanish man trying to enter the United States through Los Angeles International Airport confessed to killing someone he caught with his girlfriend the day before in Mexico City, U.S. authorities said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection detailed the incident in a statement Thursday but did not identify the man, who was denied entry and escorted back to Mexico City by the FBI and border protection officials.

The man arrived at the airport Monday and sought entry as a tourist, but he had no return ticket and a border protection officer thought the Spaniard was nervous and fidgety, the statement said.

The man also had a short video on his cellphone showing him kicking an unresponsive person, the statement said.

“The passenger told the CBP officers that prior to flying to the United States he had caught the subject with his girlfriend, hit him over the head with an object, and kicked him when he was on the ground.  The passenger further stated that he had placed the body in the trunk of a vehicle,” the statement said.

U.S. authorities gave the information to Mexican federal police, who located the crime scene and body in the trunk of a vehicle.

The Spanish man was returned to Mexico on Tuesday.

Associated Press

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