Greetings to our library patrons and community members:

Summer is winding down for many of our families and friends who frequent the Santa Monica Public Library. As we approach a new season, I write to share that there too is a season of change at the library. And like all things we do here, we want to inform and engage you in this process.

We are a community gathering place where everyone is welcome to come and learn.  We want you to have an enjoyable and successful experience when you come to the Main Library and any of our four branch facilities.

To ensure everyone can comfortably enjoy the library, we are reminding all our patrons about the library Rules of Conduct, which help foster a pleasant shared experience. (

Some key things to know:

Eating or sleeping in the library is not permitted. There are places in the building, such as our central courtyard where eating is permissible.

Large bags, blankets and weapons of any kind are not permitted.

Be mindful of space and volume. There are hundreds of people who frequent the buildings every day. We all have a role in being respectful to our fellow learners!

If you see something, please say something by talking to a Library Services Officer or any library staff.

Our uniformed Library Services Officers provide customer support and ensure that everyone follows the Rules of Conduct. You’ll be seeing these members of our team more and they may come say hello to you at the entrance or throughout your time at the library.

This is your library. We need you to join us in promoting safety and taking care of the books, equipment and building so everyone can enjoy our community space.

Thank you for using and supporting the Santa Monica Public Library!

In service,

Patty Wong is the Director of Library Services at the Santa Monica Public Library

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  1. That’s a nice bit of lip service, but will we actually see any of this enforced? I didn’t even bother to renew my library card this time around since the library really seems to function more as a homeless shelter than an actual library.

  2. I met with Ms Wong some time ago about the violence and theft that continues to occur at the SMPL. She was very open to my suggestions and even took notes; but nothing has changed except for the worse.

    The security officers need to patrol the library and intervene when they see anyone violating the rules of behavior, etc. Especially the study rooms, lavatories and outside perimeter…

    The SMPD needs to stop by and make their presence visible, especially after the library is closed at night. They should also set up a bicycles theft sting operation!

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