On August 7, 2019 at around 11:14 p.m.

In the beach lot located at 1550 Pacific Coast Highway, a group of individuals robbed one of the food vendors from the Pier. One of the suspects used a hand gun to threaten the vendor and take their food and money. The suspect vehicle was spotted trying to leave the beach lot. Officers on scene broadcast the description of the car.  The car was found and a traffic stop was conducted.  Three suspects were taken into custody.   Chesley Koffe Brown, 18, from Los Angeles was arrested for  robbery, conspiring to commit any crime and outside warrant. She was denied bail. Morris Issac Jr, 53, from Los Angeles, was arrested for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon/firearm, conspiring to commit any crime and outside warrant. He was denied bail. A juvenile was also arrested for resisting arrest and outside warrants. He was denied bail.

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  1. And they wonder why all the crime is happening. The erosion of society is back in the jungle. But you all glorify their behavior. White supremacy will get stronger because everyone is disgusted and tired of letting animals run our society.

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