To stop cowering like trapped animals, while they are gunned down at their own government’s behest? Their beloved town destroyed by greed? Abominations committed in their name? Corruption committed in the open with no fear of reprisal?

(Oh, I know, these are strong words, and those who think differently will accuse me of going off the deep end. But keep reading, and see if I’m saying anything you can deny. Yeah I‘m angry but more so, profoundly sad. Aren’t you? You need to show it, you need to DO something, more than just venting on social media.)

Do we need to get mad and vocal on the steps of the U.S. Capitol? Cover the entire City Hall lawn and sidewalks with protestors? Pack and overflow our  U.S. Representatives’ and Senators’ offices? Get to City Council meetings before Union 11 takes all the seats, spilling out into the mezzanine and down the stairs and filling the ground floor and out the door, and getting vocal? Here in Santa Monica, we need thousands, or we will continue to be ignored. In DC and around the nation, millions.

If some thug bumps you, I can see backing off. Don’t get into trouble if you don’t have to. But if that thug bumps you again… shoves you… slaps your face… punches you in the mouth… breaks your arm… pulls out an AK-47 and slaughters your family… exactly how much are you going to take? No one would do nothing, right? But that’s exactly what we are doing. Nothing.


Live under a really repressive government, that will shoot you in the streets, follow you to the ends of the earth to poison you, or arrest you and you’ll never be seen again. Donald’s buddy Putin is a trained assassin, having run the deadly KGB for years. 

Muscovites have a complaint about how their city elections are run. (Gosh, so do I!) But brave Muscovites are marching in the streets, one day last week summoning 50,000, after the previous week saw the police arrest 800 demonstrators. Their fates are unknown, but perilous.


Literally millions of protestors have jammed the streets to protest new laws that would give China unprecedented control over Hong Kong. Peaceful protests last weekend at the airport canceled hundreds of flights and snarled air traffic all over Asia. That got people’s attention.


Tens of thousands have jammed the streets on an island with barely 3M people, demanding the resignation of the governor for mishandling the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, spurred by release of his hacked homophobic, misogynistic texts to government colleagues.

And all these protest marches are not just one-offs, the huge crowds turn out for weeks. When people here in SM called for a massive City Hall protest against the multi-million dollar appeal of the District Voting lawsuit lost by our City Council, about 150 people showed up.


When the corruption and nastiness is non-stop and every real crisis is deflected with a manufactured one. But we now have a full-fledged moral emergency in this country and our city, and voting (absolutely necessary) is no longer enough.

I know how hard it is to get people off their couches and into the streets or the halls of power. But when you have government that doesn’t listen, you must raise your voices, and put your bodies on the line.

They do that in other countries. Americans, and Santa Monicans, need to be as brave and motivated as the Puerto Ricans, Muscovites, and the Hongkongers. Otherwise, do you see things changing?


That’s one well-meaning strategy. It’s the thinking of those in Congress who have not moved forward with at least an impeachment inquiry. But that is morally bankrupt. What kind of signal does it send to future would-be despots, that Bill Clinton gets impeached for lying about sex (nothing to do with running the country) and this poodle of Putin lies about everything in sight (12,000+ and counting since he swore his oath of office) and the cowardly Democrats do nothing and the completely complicit Republicans congratulate each other on getting what they want from their able tool, never mind the body count.

But we could have a repeat of the unthinkable in 2020. And every day that our homegrown Fearmonger-in-Chief sits illegitimately in the Oval Office, he wreaks havoc that will be hard to undo. He wants to sell off federal lands to profiteers,  wants yet another disastrous huge tax cut for his billionaire buddies, at our expense. He wants to throw out wildlife protection and every other protection, that interferes with someone’s chance to make more millions.


People will die from shooters unfettered by even background checks, slinging weapons of war on our streets, before Jan. 2021? All that blood is on his hands and on the GOP, but as we fail to act, our hands become bloody as well. What will you tell your grandchildren? If they even make it onto an Earth that is sinking fast, kicked in the gut and shoved further down by Donald J. Trump. And spending nearly a billion dollars in little ol’ SM on climate change measures is not going to slow that down for even a second.


Charles Andrews has lived in Santa Monica for 33 years and wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. Really. Send love and/or rebuke to him at


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  1. In case anyone didn’t notice — the picture heading this report seems to be of Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell( (lately renamed “Moscow Mitch” for his affinity with Putin’s Russia.

    McConnell licks Trump’s a$$, supporting all his incoherent money-based crimes, but refusing to bring to the Senate floor for a vote any measure that would HELP the American people but HARM the unConstitutional enterprises of Trump’s Mafia family.

  2. Granted that Trump should definitely go, diversity isn’t served by aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Pelosi responds without sense to Trump’s considering dumping illegal detainees from Central America on Sanctuary Cities. She speaks of our being a land of immigrants, but there is a poor equivalency between coming here legally and illegally by the millions. Solely a result of that misdemeanor crime, Los Angeles is swamped with Hispanics–from 5% to well over half the County in a quarter century.

    Hispanic radio boasts the over 72% of L.A. school kids are Hispanic. The California DOE website demographics report two-thirds of elementary school children and over half high school students in the State are Hispanic now. That Mexicans have a higher birthrate here than when they are in Mexico is not enough to explain this massive demographic shift in a relatively short time–it results from their growing illegal presence.

    What is more, La Raza, an openly racist organization by name and practice, apparently has a goal to take back lands lost over 150 years ago in a territorial conflict and expel all who aren’t Hispanic. They are “offended”, they say, that Mexico was not paid enough for territory lost.

    I am deeply offended that they break the law being here, take hundreds of thousands of other people’s jobs, rather than filling a skills deficit–all the while whining they only do work no one else will do.

    So, will they stop coming here illegally when their children are the voting majority? I doubt it, as La Raza will certainly realize what I do, that they solidify their majority by encouraging more illegal migrants and rewarding their having children here in our welfare state. And what is to stop their increasing taxes to pay for their hegemony?

    Mexicans actually dislike other groups, so once encouraging “diversity” serves their purposes, they will cause it to wither and die. There is no diversity in Mexico by design, as by law there is no immigration to that country. I suppose the murdered Mormans arrived long ago.

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