Featured in the two Presidential Debates on CNN this past week were perhaps too many qualified candidates. It worries me that, with all the Democrats in-fighting, the “Criminal Trump,” aka “individual 1,” could steal a 2nd term. (If he does, I’d slit my wrists, except I have an electric razor.)

Criminal Trump’s despicable racism is no surprise. On the day after his “election” (aided by Russia, Wiki Leaks and 4 of his administration in prison or on their way) I knew Trump was going to be our generation’s George Wallace.

What tipped me off  was former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. Less than 24 hour after the election, Duke stared into a news camera, and warned Trump, “Don’t forget who got you elected.”  Clearly, Trump hasn’t.

But, instead of the debates, I thought I’d write about Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell who has held that office since 2014 (although it seems way  longer given all the harm he’s created.) In 2008, as Senate Minority leader,  it was Mitch who infamously said the day after Barack Obama’s victory,  “I will do everything in my power to make Obama a 1-term President,” adding “I will not cooperate in the passage of a single one of his programs.”  How’s that for “bi-partisan spirit?”

Even to his supporters, McConnell is not considered outgoing or charming and doesn’t exactly have the looks of fellow Senator, Mitt Romney.  Many detractors note that Mitch has the appearance of a tortoise. (I guarantee Donald Trump has a far meaner nickname for Mitch that, like a vindictive child,  he’s saving for when it can hurt the most.)

Another interesting facet about Mitch is his remarkable wealth.  For example, in 2005,  his net worth  was $2,962,015 but in 2015 it was $26,927,535. That’s an increase of $23,965,520 (+809.1%. How’s that for a “pay raise?”) It does give rise to the question, how does a senator earning $193,400 a year increase his net worth by nearly $2.4 million a year, every year for a decade? Seems more than a little suspicious.

But apparently, in addition to being far wealthier than we ever imagined, Mitch is far more sensitive. I say that because he’s  taken great umbrage at the campaign slogan from his opponents looking to unseat him this fall, “Ditch Mitch.” And even more upsetting to snowflake Mitch is the recent catchphrase, “Moscow Mitch”

As it happens there’s a small town in Kentucky named Moscow, which was founded in 1829 and turned into an unincorporated area in 1831. It appears so small it hasn’t had a post office since 1955. (Which makes one wonder what they’ve done with all that backed up mail.)

So,  how did the term, “Moscow Mitch,” originate? For some inexplicable reason, Mitch has blocked and seemingly will block any bill from coming to the Senate floor that would provide funding to prevent foreign governments from attacking out 2020 election. Wouldn’t a patriotic American want just the opposite, that is for our elections to be free of outside interference?  You’d think.

The whole thing makes me wonder.  Throw in Mitch’s sudden wealth and I wonder more. I have no doubt without Russia “Criminal Trump” wouldn’t have become #45. (Unless #45 was part of his orange jumpsuit.) So maybe it’s as simple as Moscow Mitch desperately needs Criminal Trump to win in 2020 so he can stay Leader of the Senate. Talk about “party over country.”

By the time you read this criminal Trump will have staged another rally, this one in Cincinnati.  Criminal’s hate-filled rallies remind me more and more of the infamous Nuremberg Nazi rallies during the ’20s and ’30s. (Actually, there are many comparisons between Hitler and Criminal Trump i.e. “the big lie theory,” separating families and kids in cages,  but I’ll spare you for now.)

I’ll just close with the last paragraph of the Baltimore Sun’s July 27th editorial. It was in response to Criminal Trump’s vile tweet attacking highly-respected African-American Congressman Elijah Cummings whose district includes Baltimore and who is Chairman of the Powerful House Oversight Committee and Government Reform. Trump fears “oversight,” as much as he does sharks. His tweet included,  “Rat infested Baltimore where no human being would want to live.” (FYI, “Infestation” is a word Hitler often used to describe Jews.)

The editorial closes with, “Finally, we would tell the most dishonest man to ever occupy the Oval Office, the mocker of war heroes, the gleeful grabber of women’s private parts, the serial bankrupter of businesses, the useful idiot of Vladimir Putin and the guy who insisted there are “good people” among murderous neo-Nazis that he’s still not fooling most Americans into believing he’s even slightly competent in his current post. Or that he possesses a scintilla of integrity. Better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one.”


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  1. So Jack? How have you become so detached from the sick world your Liberal privilege created?

  2. Duke doesn’t speak for the white working class struggle. He would like to speak for the white upper classes but no matter what he does he can’t seem to make it. Being a media whore is not being a racial leader . It makes you like a white Al Sharpton.

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