HEAT: Several inland areas will have a serious heat risk this weekend.

After several weeks of relatively cool weather, forecasters are warning temperatures could spike in the coming days.

The National Weather Service said temperatures will increase throughout the region this week and could peak Friday or Saturday with some interior locations breaking 100 degrees.

NWS forecasts said a high-pressure system will weaken onshore winds that usually bring moisture from the ocean onto land. The interaction triggers a warming trend that will continue through Saturday with highs a few degrees warmer each day.

The weather isn’t predicted to totally wipe out the marine layer that sits of the coast and low clouds could be stick around the coast with some possible fog areas like Santa Monica.

“The primary concern the next few days at least is the heat,” said the NWS Los Angeles office. “Triple digit temps expected in the coastal valleys as early as Friday and then slightly warmer Saturday which should be the warmest day in most areas.”

Forecasters said temperatures in some areas north of Los Angeles will be borderline excessive.

“Other areas may be approaching heat advisory criteria including the mountains and some of the warmer coastal valleys,” said the forecast. “Overnight lows will be a little warmer than normal but without a significant monsoon push there should be decent overnight relief in most areas.”

Temperatures are predicted to reverse by next weekend.

“It’s still going to be a very warm period through early next week but we are expecting to see a slight cooling trend as onshore flow increases,” said the long-term NWS prediction. “We`re still expecting some triple digit temperatures in the valleys through Tuesday before falling back down to within a few degrees of normal Wednesday. The cooling trend is expected to extend into next weekend with highs eventually falling to a few degrees below normal in most areas.”

In the forecast, NWS said heat affects everyone differently but some groups are more susceptible such as the elderly, the very young, individuals on specific medications, people who work outside, anyone exercising outside and individuals who are not used to hot weather and some workers.

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