A video capturing a family’s violent fight at Disneyland has prompted police to re-open their investigation into the brawl and may result in charges.

Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt says officers were called to the theme park on Saturday to help break up the melee, which began between a brother and sister but quickly involved other family members.

Wyatt says the family members declined to cooperate with authorities and were escorted off Disneyland property. After police were forwarded the video, they continued to investigate and will work with the city attorney’s office to see if any charges should be filed.

Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Liz Jaeger says any violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated.

Police do not know what prompted the fight. No injuries were reported.

Associated Press

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  1. Ban these idiots from Disneyland for LIFE!! They created a very dangerous situation for park guests…punching, hair pulling and throwing people down on the ground. There were children very close by, who could’ve been injured. Disneyland should NEVER tolerate this kind of behavior. There should be a database that registers if this so-called “family” is vying to enter DLR or DCA parks EVER again!! This is something that NOBODY should be forced to tolerate.

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