I was going to write about the Democratic debates but my deadline interfered.  You’d think the DNC would occasionally check with me.  Actually, I tend to agree with Oklahoma humorist, Will Rogers who insisted, “I’m not a member of an organized political party! I’m a Democrat.”

Last week I shared from the best-selling book, “Cheater in Chief,” which documents  Donald Trump’s pathological cheating at golf. Trump’s partners know he cheats and he knows they know he cheats, but he doesn’t care. Curiously, when Trump is in a pro-am tourney on TV, with monitors checking scores, he never does well.

A sociopath, he clearly lives in an alternate universe. He actually believes he’s handsome. This, even though he’s the most obese POTUS since 300 lb+ Taft; has an orange complexion not normally associated with humans;  has raccoon white bags under his eyes, a bloated face with triple chins and dyed-yellow hair that covers his baldness until the wind blows.

Trump’s overbearing father, Fred Sr., drilled into his second son life is a zero sum game; if someone else wins, you’re a loser. As a result, there’s nothing Trump doesn’t cheat at, i.e. taxes, contracts, charities. Before the 2016 election, he coughed up $25 million for defrauding “students,” many of whom were elderly, at his bogus Trump University.

His most publicized cheating is in his personal life. It’s been documented, often by Trump himself, or in the name and fake voices one of  his many aliases. He proudly revealed that he cheated on all 3  wives; cheated on wife #1, with soon-to-be wife #2 whom he’d cheat on with wife #3. (At least he kept it in the family?)

Trump not only cheated on Melania while she was pregnant with Barron, but he took his mistress, former Playboy Bunny, Karen McDougal, to Trump Tower and showed her Melania’s bedroom. What type of person does that? (Twisted!) Then again, what does it say about McDougal that she spied into the room? And what does it say about Melania that she’s still married to this, excuse the technical term, douche bag?

Then came the infamous 2005 video tape  where Trump bragged, in the crudest of terms to Hollywood Access host, Billy Bush. how he constantly sexually assaulted women. “And when you’re a star, they let you,” Trump boasted, “You can do anything. Even grab ‘em by the pus*y.” Somehow Trump survived but Billy Bush got fired. For laughing, I suppose.

A total of 19 women accused Trump of exactly what he described on the tape.  But Trump not only denied every accusation, he promised his rabid supporters that, after the election, he would sue every single one of his accusers. Guess how many of the 19 Trump has sued so far?  None!

The reason is obvious.  If he sued, the defendants would have the right of discovery. It’s one thing for Trump to lie to a reporter but in 19 different court rooms he would likely commit perjury.

One of the victims, Jessica Leeds, said that Trump allegedly touched her while sitting next to her on a flight to New York. She claims he grabbed her breasts and tried to reach up her skirt. “He was an octopus,” she said. “His hands were everywhere.” Trump’s “denial” was sick and ugly. Disparaging Leeds’ appearance, he said, “She would not be my first choice.”

Trump’s denial then is almost identical to his denial now of the accusation of rape leveled against him by writer and “advice columnist” for 23 years for “Elle” magazine,  E. Jean Carroll. With the previous 19 accusers, Trump said, “I’ve never even met them in my life.” Carroll has a photo of her, her then husband, Trump and his 1st wife Ivana, chatting it up at a 1987 party.

Also, right after the alleged rape, Carroll told two friends who confirm the details. But it’s Trump’s default denial that seems to seal the deal.

Instead of saying,  “I don’t rape anyone!’, Trump said, “She’s not my type.”  The inference is inescapable.  Oh, so if she were your type, then you would have raped her?

Not long before her passing, former beloved First Lady, Barbara Bush said of misogynistic  Trump, “I don’t know how any woman could ever vote for that man.” I rarely agreed with Mrs. Bush, but on this, she was spot on.

In my worst nightmare, November 8, 2016, when Trump won the Electoral College, I could never have imagined he’d: embolden racism, destroy civility, the environment, the courts, the office of the presidency, the “sane” G.O.P., our democracy, not to mention possibly start a war in Iran.

For “balance,” I probably should say something complimentary about Trump but he doesn’t make it easy. How about, “For a bald guy he hides it pretty well.” (Unless, of course, there’s wind.)

If you’re brave enough or angry enough about the inhumanity at the border, Google: “Photo of Oscar Ramirez and his daughter.” The two tragically drowned in the Rio Grande trying to reach America. Not quite 2, Valeria’s arm is draped around the neck of her father. If that image doesn’t break your heart, you may not have one. Jack is at jackdailypress@aol.com.

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  1. Hello who was a writer of this article?! Hiding?! Shameful! I don’t need to read somebodies personal opinions is your newspaper and dishing the President of USA. I am forwarding this false and undocumented article of hate toward the President of USA to my friend all over USA and Europe where I am from. Why are you allowing it?! You think the whole SM is Democrats. No, it is not! I am not even Republican, but very much observing how mush hate comes from Democrats last 3 years?! Be dignified local newspaper and clean yourself of hate and disrespect !! Thanks

  2. You’re a delusional, dishonest, hack of a “journalist”. You title this piece as if it’s at all to do with E. Jean Carroll and an alleged rape. Considering you went well into the 11th paragraph before mention of her name or addressing the alleged incident; I’d be willing to bet the house E.J.C’s allegations were nothing more than an excuse for you to poorly assemble a mixture of old, false, unfounded, played out, ideas and accusations; no doubt scribbled on the sauce side of a black bean and muy soy Burger King wrapper from last nights lonely 10pm dinner.
    What kind of professional uses “douche bag” in a published article? Well, I suppose the type who calls another man fat, orange, bald, etc. And one who is willing to take the top 6 Google search results for “Trump bad” and litter them throughout the trash heap that is the above article.
    Face facts; your feelings are hurt, your mind is closed, your skill set is lacking, your tears are flowing, and your hands are out. Now will those outstretched hands be very temporarily filled, with socialists goods; or will they be turned back, 180° and used to repeatedly strike your face, while drowning out your cries; Trump yells “stop hitting yourself!”

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