The Gallery Food Hall on the Third Street Promenade,

The Third Street Promenade is gaining some new pieces for its Gallery.

Santa Monica’s Gallery Food Hall will see two new restaurants enter its halls, Petit Harvest and Street Noods. Petit Harvest will be a farm-to-table concept featuring a healthy, vegetable-heavy menu and will be developed by celebrity chef Graham Elliot (of MasterChef fame) while Street Noods will be an Asian street style noodle bar.

According to K2 Restaurants owner John Kolaski, the two restaurants were a perfect fit and will help round out the diverse selections in the Gallery Food Hall, noting he was particularly excited for Petit Harvest.

“[Elliot] is excited about the Third Street Farmers Market and bringing the farm-to-table concept into a much more approachable environment. There’s not a place u can get fresh farm vegetables and have it right here by the beach.”

The two new restaurants will join a steadily growing food space in the Gallery known as SocialEats. That downstairs section of dining will house “a one-of-a-kind community experience, all built upon a foundation of stellar culinary concepts,” according to the SocialEats website.

“We wanted something that added to that space,” Kolaski said, noting the options of STRFSH, Paperboy and Azule. “With Petit Harvest, it was having a healthier, farmers market-driven concept with a component of sandwiches, salads and more.

With Street Noods, we wanted a place where you can get killer noodles. When it’s 100 degrees out and it’s a beach day, hot noodles actually cool you down when you end up sweating. It’s exciting— get an ice cold beer, grab noodles and walk around [the Promenade] if you want to.”

Soon to join these restaurants in the SocialEats dining area will be David Chang’s Fuku, a fast-casual chicken restaurant, SuperToro (a sushi hand roll bar), Cada Vez (Spanish pintxos), and Adelaide Coffeebar, a coffee-and-cookie-bar-by-day, wine-bar-by night concept.

“We have so many options and the ability for one person or groups of individuals to find something,” Kolaski said. “It’s great quality food at an approachable price point in the heart of Santa Monica.”

Kolaski says most of the restaurants in the SocialEats area will open except for Fuku and Send Noods, which he says are still a couple of weeks out from being ready.

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  1. Celebrity chef offerings? On 3rd Street?? Haven’t you guys learned yet? The kind of people that eat at “celebrity chef offerings” are not the thousands that made the 3rd Street Mall so popular and such a money tree for the city. If you doubt it just look at the numbers. Nobody likes the remodeled mall and therefore it is being remodeled yet again. I question the sanity of people who do not learn from obvious mistakes and continue to repeat them.

    Throwing money around to attract the rich does not attract the rich if that’s all you have to offer. Hookers do that and see how far they get.

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