This week’s Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District board of education meeting is populated with a slew of updates including a land use agreement that was delayed due to contract-language concerns.

The Thursday, June 20 board meeting will see staff provide updates on the Multilingual Programs Study Group, Family Engagement, potentially approving the SMC & SMMUSD land-use agreement and more.

In the Multilingual Programs Study Group update, the board will be updated on staff’s learnings  and data collected in support of the district’s efforts to build upon their pre-existing language programs.

A year ago, a Multilingual Study Group (comprised of Educational Services and school site staff) was formed to explore the Foreign Language in Elementary School and Heritage program models. This included site visits in the San Francisco Unified School District to see what models that district had for their elementary and middle schools.

The study group — who poured through readings, interviews and engaged in several site visits — will detail findings and considerations.

Also updating the board from an item a year ago will be staff involved in Family Engagement.

Thursday’s presentation will include an overview of Family Engagement Framework and an update on its implementation and activities. The presentation will discuss increasing parent engagement throughout the district with inclusive activities such as the Parent Project, Latino Family Literacy Project and more. Next steps for the 2019-2020 school year will also be discussed.

Another update on this agenda includes something from just two weeks ago, approving or disapproving the SMC & SMMUSD land use and facilities agreement.

Last week the item was tabled due to some board members liking the intent of the agreement but not the language contract agreement, mainly over what days SMC could use the new JAMS Performing Arts Facility.

The updated language of the agreement will see SMC use the facility on the four named days (Graduation, VIP Welcome Day, Fall Opening Flex Day, and Spring Institutional Flex Day). Furthermore,  before the start of each school year, SMMUSD and SMC will agree upon a two-year calendar that satiate both district’s facility use desires.

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