Experience an acoustic sound healing event like no other (often called a sound bath) while on a luxurious calm-inducing mattress. Sound healing is the newest alternative health and wellness trend in L.A. The ancient practice is designed to put participants in a relaxed state of mind by lowering brain wave frequency into alpha and even theta state. Sound healing helps aid anxiety, depression, and physical pain. (Want proof? Read this study, here.) 


Participants lie on a plush mattress and relax into the healing sounds of Crystal Bowls, Symphonic Gong, an Ocean Drum, Koshi Chimes,and other instruments to soothe your soul in this immersive experience. 

Roxie Sound Healing is accessible for all. It is recommended for both those who regularly attend sound healing sessions (sound baths/sound meditations) and understand its esoteric nature—and those who have never experienced it before and just want to unwind in a deeper way.


“I loved it! The session put me on a different vibration. Everything feels in alignment. I can’t thank you enough. I will be first in line for the next one!” – Erica

“I thoroughly enjoyed Roxie’s sound healing workshop. It’s exactly what we need today—a sense of peace, relaxation and healing from our daily professional overload. She is very skilled with the diverse harmonics of her healing instruments and ensures that everyone attending receives special one-on-one attention. I look forward to continuing!” – Christine 

“I  was a bit skeptical at first to the idea of a sound healing, but to my surprise, the vibrations and sounds spoke to me in such a deep, impactful way. It was the first time I actually was able to clear my mind of any noise and just let go and be in a peaceful, relaxing state, unlike traditional meditation. I encourage you to take this journey with Roxie that will open up your mind, body, and soul to an indescribable feeling.” – Carol


Custom Comfort Mattress 

West Hollywood Showroom

8919 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, 90048


Wed, July 10, 2019

6:00 PM – 7:45 PM


Anything you can do to calm your nervous system is helpful when it comes to sleep. The vibration and sounds from the instruments resonate on a deeper, cellular level within our bodies. Bodies are a large percentage of water, and the vibration from the sound helps break blockages accumulated in our bodies on an energetic level over lengths of time. Sleep is a time for cleansing, spinal fluids cleanse our brains at night, as sound healing cleanses our energy, the more clearing and cleansing we can do, the better overall health we experience.


Roxie Sarhangi is a certified sound healer practitioner, artist, and abstract artist. She has been practicing meditation for 11 years and connects the transcendental power of meditation to her sound healing sessions and spiritual practice. She often includes art in her sessions and plays healing instruments that encourage free-flowing energy of love and a lightness of being from within. 

Roxie Sound Healing curates immersive sound sessions at special locations in Los Angeles. Past and future events include: Sunset Sound Healing at a private residence in the Bird Streets (Hollywood Hills), rooftop event at Kimpton La Peer, special sound and art session at the historic Culver Hotel, among others. More here: https://www.roxiesoundhealing.com


$35 per person – Tickets available HERE.

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