Grace Cheng Braun and Kevin McKeown should be ashamed of themselves.

Senior citizens area a valuable part of our community and they should be treated with respect. The Wise Center should continue their mental health program for them. Instead, they discard them as third class citizens.

Many have raised families in this city, some are veterans and were productive members of society that now live on a limited income.

Ms. Cheng Braun claims that she was unable to find a suitable replacement for the position of director of the mental health program within ten months. If we can hire a city manager and a police chief within a shorter period of time than this she can certainly oblige unless she could not or would not find a replacement; there in lies the rub.

That being said, the stairwells in the Wise Center parking structure are filthy. They are urine soaked and feces stained which is a  breeding ground of disease and bacteria left there by the homeless that our seniors must endure which is never cleaned by the city.

The city council is more concerned with taking care of the homeless which are compromised of criminals, drug addicts and alcoholics spending $699,000 on their needs and turning their backs on our seniors. The homeless are visible, the seniors are not. More like cast away and forgotten.

The interesting thing here is the city council has a majority of members that are seniors and this sends out a message where , “we have ours, too bad for you, go get your own.”

The city council is on an ocean liner in the North Atlantic busy arranging deck chairs as it heads full steam into an iceberg.

Whitney Scott Bain

Santa Monica

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  1. So right Whitney- it’s not just this either. Two other programs for seniors- that are vital are being handicapped and will most likely result in depression- loss of quality of life – and then in the case of one- POD- will result in homelessness and early demise. Lyft only worked because it was affordable. POD will only work if promised are kept and it is adjusted yearly at least – along the lines of all program like it as in section 8-
    why not pony up the few bucks it takes to make people who aren’t able ot have any decent quality of life- enjoy the last years they have. Not asking much is it.

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