After so proudly adopting a ‘Zero Waste Strategic Operations Plan’ in 2014, the Santa Monica City Council has — inexplicably — chosen to close down the one and only recycling center in Santa Monica.

This is unacceptable. Our city is a beacon to our state, our country, and the world. We lead in lowering green house gasses, and creating innovative methods to honor and care for our environment. People flock here to enjoy our clean air, our sparkling seaside. We embody a respite from the pollution suffered inland and elsewhere.

I am personally an active recycler. Thousands of my neighbors, and I, have been using the Santa Monica recycling center for over 20 years now. Close it in this manner and we will be forced to drive needless miles to other facilities, spilling more gasses into the air as we drive.

Our era is defined by toxic policy at a Federal level. Every day, valuable services are either being cut or compromised, especially those that protect the environment and uphold public health and safety.  How can Santa Monica justify making the same dystopian mistake?

That we do so defies logic. Who benefits? Whose pockets are being lined?

For anyone who feels passionate about Santa Monica’s environment, please attend the next City Council meeting, Tuesday June 11, at 5 p.m, 1685 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90401 and add voice to your concerns.

Irene Miracle

Santa Monica

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  1. I want the recycling center to stay exactly the way it is now. It is perfect, and always getting better.
    Please leave it alone.

    To the greedy city councilmen and administrators who are being influenced by monied developers…..
    Your future political careers and your current jobs are at stake over this matter. The recycling center and recycling as a larger concern, is a very very important matter to the world on so many levels.
    The recycling center is dear to the hearts of thousands and thousands of people, and for generations they have been going there to teach their children how to care for and preserve the planet for future generations.
    The number of people who make up recycling community as grown to an incredible amount of people and families.
    Please keep it open 7 days a week. Yes. You should be doubling down on recycling like many other nations are now doing.
    You must not fail us. The money is there. It pays for itself.
    Leave the recycling center alone.

  2. Here’s how to find funding for recycling: Freeze City of Santa Monica employee salaries until their grossly inflated levels (well documented in the press) are in closer parity with those of other California municipal employees. Use the money saved to fund recycling. And don’t accept the counter-argument that because living costs are higher in Santa Monica, employees must be compensated with grossly higher salaries. To remedy the living costs issue, provide a modest subsidy for housing costs (not full parity; employees get better value with living here) and do not allow this subsidy to be folded into retirement benefits, which are on the road to bankrupting our city, which is now we’ll documented and indisputable.

  3. It turns out that the recycling was being shipped to China and being buried. That’s why it was so cheap. As much as I don’t want to sympathize with a self dealing city government who make decisions for tourist dollars and developers over residents, I think this one is out of their hands. Now that China is not accepting our recycling to be shipped on container ships to be buried over there, there is no place for it to go. The recycling infrastructure needs to be developed here in the states or anywhere that’s not China so that the raw material gets processed here with proper supervision. I’ve been ‘recycling’ for years, but I’ve decided to accept that it was just practice and everything that I’ve collected over the years is sitting in a hole in China. I agree with the poster above on funding sources.

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