A cluster of small undersea earthquakes has continued off Southern California near San Clemente Island.

The latest, according to the U.S. Geological, was magnitude 3.5 quake at 4:25 a.m. Thursday.

The cluster began with two magnitude 4.3 temblors a few hours apart early Wednesday.

According to the Southern California Seismic Network, records dating to 1932 show four previous quakes of magnitude 4 or greater in the area. The largest was magnitude 4.6 in 1952 and the most recent occurred in 2014.

The offshore cluster is one of two currently occurring in Southern California.

Hundreds of tiny quakes have been recorded since May 25 in the Glen Avon area about 45 miles east of Los Angeles.

Seismologist Lucy Jones says such swarms happen somewhere in California every year.

Associated Press

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