A century-old Southern California dairy that still sells milk in glass bottles is reconsidering a decision to shut down.

Family owned and operated Broguiere’s Dairy in Montebello has been in business since the 1910s, and its products have a big following, especially chocolate milk and seasonal eggnog.

When word of the closing got out, people began calling and coming by.

Now, 73-year-old Ray Broguiere tells the Whittier Daily News they are rethinking the situation.

Broguiere tells the newspaper the reasons for shutting down involve what he termed too many rules and regulations, water and air issues as well as minimum wage raises.

The dairy originally had cows on site but got out of that part of the business in 1972. It currently processes milk produced elsewhere.

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  1. Please don’t close, this dairy is a historical part o f our community. Love the fresh eggs and egg nog.

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