How many times have you driven down Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica and when you passed Douglas Park at 25th Street you saw people standing on the fenced in grassy area and wondered what in the heck those people were doing.  Well here is your answer – they were lawn bowling.  I already know your next question – What the heck is lawn bowling?

Lawn bowling is a centuries old sport that originated in England and eventually spread throughout all of the Commonwealth countries and beyond.  It is a sport that is relatively easy to learn and can be played until you are way past retirement age.  This is a very social sport that is fun, slow paced, and is played outdoors where we have weather that is some of the best in the country.

Now here is where Santa Monica’s Secret gets even better. The Santa Monica Bowls Club wants you to try lawn bowling and experience how much fun it is; so, we are having an open house on two more Saturdays in May.  Free sessions are going to be held at noon on Saturday May 18, and 25. Come as you are but wear flat, smooth soled shoes – we provide everything else.  We are constantly looking to have new members join our club and this is the perfect setting to experience the sport and see if you think you might enjoy this relaxing bit of exercise.

Most of our members come two or three times a week and participate in the casual competition.  We have other members come for the casual competition but also compete in regional competitions that are held in Los Angeles and other southland cities most weekends of the year.  We even have three of our members that compete internationally with one that is a member of Team USA.  You choose how competitive you want to be.

Please come and participate in our free introductions to lawn bowling and if enough people come then lawn bowling will no longer be a secret in Santa Monica.  Ages 16 and up.

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