The Rotarians of several Rotary clubs, including the Rotary Club of Santa Monica have just returned from their 2019 Humanitarian Trip to Peru! Here’s a look at what they accomplished:

Wheelchair Distribution

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

35 Wheelchairs to be distributed to beneficiaries identified by 3 different agencies

Rotary Club of San Isidro Este/Rotary Club of Westchester

Dental Health For A Thousand Kids For Five Years

The grant will equip a mobile dental clinic owned by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) with preventive dental equipment and supplies. The project has a five-year time execution to treat 1,000 children per year and carry out preventive measures such as application of sealants to pits and fissures in all first permanent molars to ensure the good condition of the first permanent molars.

Multi-Sensory Classes, Physical Therapy, Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

Serving 95 students with disabilities from very low-income families, living in vulnerable areas, implement a multi-sensory classroom to achieve comprehensive participation of students to encourage development of motor and cognitive skills. Strengthen students’ self-sufficiency through creation of an organic vegetable garden with hydroponics to generate income through sale of vegetables.

Dental Chairs & Equipment

This grant will provide the health center much needed equipment that will augment the center’s ability to provide dental services as well as handle emergency situations.

Dental equipment includes dental chairs, air compressors, x-ray device, steam autoclave, curing light lamps, dental instruments and materials. Other medical equipment include defibrillator, medical monitor, blood analyzer and laboratory centrifuge.

Sing A Symphony For Peru

The purchase of four musical instruments (bassoon, oboe, clarinet & flute) will augment the existing musical training core group in Manchay. Participation in a core group provides one of the best opportunities for being out of violence, drugs and other risks. This musical training unit enables children to develop tolerance, perseverance, responsibility, and self-esteem.

Integrated Rural

This project will benefit 50 families in extreme poverty in La Capilla, in the Virgen de Lourdes II in Villa Maria del Triunfo to improve their living conditions by facilitating access to water; improving their nutrition; and giving them the chance to work on a profitable activity that will allow them to enhance the economic and integral development of their community.

Distribution Of Neurological Wheelchairs

Hogar de las Bienventuranzas (Home of the Abandoned):11 Neurological wheelchairs will be distributed to residents of Bienventuranzas.

Child Nutrition For The Future

This three-year program will promote good nutrition among teachers, parents and school children for the development of healthy diets with adequate caloric intake for daily food consumption, hygiene measures and physical activity development of primary school population of state educational institutions in Chimbote and Nuevo Chimbote.

Smile Barranca

The objective of this project is the promotion of a comprehensive approach to oral health and hygiene in both urban and rural sectors.

This project will provide:

• Preventive care and education to children who belong to the Non-school Initial Education Program.

• Oral health care for beneficiaries of urban and rural sectors.

• School and population training.

Maternal Health

This grant provides multi-parameter monitors for at-risk babies to enable more efficient treatment.

Tuberculosis Screening To Determine Presence & Type

The grant will allow diagnosis of TB in two hours, as opposed to the one or two-month diagnosis time, and therefore enable the quarantine of those diagnosed with this type of TB and implementation of appropriate treatment immediately. This will prevent the patient from infecting others in their work, school, or while using public transportation.

Rehabilitation Of Burned Children

Funds will be used primarily for the purchase of Lycra which is used for pressure garments used during rehabilitation. Additionally, funds will be used for training for the prevention of burns.

Construction Of The Drinking Water System In The Community Of Campesina De Manchaybamba

This project will provide access to a clean water supply, improve hygiene conditions and sanitation for the remote community of Manchaybamba. Currently the community’s water supply is from a polluted river, causing gastrointestinal diseases. This project will also educate the community in the importance of clean water and sanitation.

Rotary Club of Santa Monica meets Fridays at noon at the DoubleTree Suites. For more information or to attend a meeting, please contact Savi at or (310) 917-3313.

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