Santa Monica is going to get hit with a bolt of NFL energy this week.

The Santa Monica Pier will host its first ever official NFL draft party this Thursday, hosted by the Los Angeles Chargers. The event will focus on the Chargers, featuring current players and alumni appearing in-person, autograph and photo opportunities and performances by the Charger Girls and Thunderbolts drumline, among other activities. Additionally, the Pier’s Ferris wheel will feature the Chargers logo and team colors.

KABC’s Ashley Brewer will host the event as the draft plays out while AM 570’s Petros and Money Show broadcast live from the event.

Expected attendance thus far is around 4,000 people.

“The Pier is an amazing and uniquely memorable venue for any event, and to be able to celebrate the return of the NFL to the Los Angeles area here is really special,” Jim Harris, Deputy Director of the Pier said. “It’s really such a wonderful way for two international icons to join together to celebrate the best of what each has to offer.”

Harris says the Pier has been in talks with several NFL teams regarding events before.

Recently, the Pittsburgh Steelers approached the Pier for a special fan event on the day of or day before their game against the Chargers this year.

This past year, the Pier was interested in a simulcast screening of the Super Bowl this year with the Rams organization, but “the timing just didn’t work out” between the two sides.

In 2017, the Pier hosted a fan rally for The Green Legion, a group of Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Harris says the Pier is already in talks with the Chargers about other opportunities, suggesting a potential long-term relationship of more events and draft parties.

With hometown loyalty to the Chargers, Harris says the Pier will look to make more sport-friendly events such as Super Bowl screenings with an eye towards holding something special for Super Bowl LVI in 2022. 

Courting out of town teams, however, is just business for the Pier.

“The Pier is an ideal venue for our home teams and for visiting teams alike – it really establishes their presence in Southern California.”

The Chargers’ draft day event will take place Thursday, April 25, 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. For more information, visit

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