The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office has filed a criminal complaint charging Miesha Charnae Grant with five counts of tenant harassment in violation of Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC) Section 4.56.020, one count of operating an unlawful business in violation SMMC Section 6.04.020, five counts of grand theft in violation of Penal Code Section 487, five counts of criminal contempt in violation of Penal Code Section 166, one count of vandalism in violation of Penal Code section 594, and one count of battery in violation of Penal Code section 242.   The charges relate to actions taken with respect to tenants in rent-controlled units at 1914 18th Street.

The Santa Monica Police Department and the Code Enforcement Division of the City’s Planning & Community Development Department investigated this case after receiving numerous complaints from the public. The investigation revealed evidence that Grant disobeyed a court order; defrauded tenants by posing as a landlord charging rent in violation of a court order; interfered with tenants’ right to quiet use and enjoyment of rental housing units by entering tenants’ units without permission, threatening tenants, vandalizing properties, and battering a tenant.  Following the investigation, the case was referred to the City Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution.

“City prosecutors and enforcement staff will take prompt action when individuals knowingly violate state and local laws and threaten the safety of others,” said Chief Deputy City Attorney Yibin Shen.  “The City Attorney’s Office is committed to enforcing all applicable laws and ensuring that victims from all income levels and backgrounds can feel safe and secure in their homes and receive equal justice under the law.”

City law protects tenants against unlawful harassment by landlords or person acting as landlords.  Such persons may not, in bad faith, influence or attempt to influence a tenant to vacate a rental housing unit through fraud, intimidation or coercion; threaten a tenant, by word or gesture, with physical harm; or interfere with a tenant’s right to quiet use and enjoyment of a rental housing unit.  The City Attorney’s Office encourages any person experiencing similar or related violations to immediately contact the Santa Monica Police Department Non-Emergency Phone number at 310-458-8491 or the City’s Code Enforcement Division at 310-458-4984.  In case of an emergency, please call 911.

This case is being prosecuted by Deputy City Attorney Autumn Rindels.

Submitted by Constance Farrell, Public Information Officer

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