Venice has a new restaurant and — surprise — it’s cheap, and that’s exactly what the owners want.

The Window is the newest burger joint to come to Venice, bringing a casual atmosphere and low-cost but high-quality foods with it. East Coast-style burgers, Impossible burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, kale salads and grain bowls will be among the options available to customers.

Restaurateurs Paul Hibler and Jeff Goodman American Gonzo Food Corporation (Pitfire Pizza and Superba Food + Bread) and Bruce Horowitz (The Tasting Kitchen) are responsible for the burgers-n-fries-n-fried-chicken joint, a cheap, chef-driven restaurant they hope Venice locals take kindly to.

Hibler, a Venice resident, is well aware of the area’s gentrification problems and accompanying neighborhood angst to newer restaurants. He says he wants The Window to be a low-cost place people can go several times a week, something that is “old school, not a fancy modern thing” in an area that’s been radically changed in recent years.

“There was a lot of angst when we asked to do this restaurant,” Hibler said. “Do people keep their promises anymore? We promised Venice we would do something like this restaurant here, in spite of how expensive it’d be. We promised that we would put back what we were replacing. A lot of developers forget their promises. We didn’t.”

Despite high rent and high restaurant turnover in the area, the restaurateurs are confident The Window will have staying power as their restaurants have survived the test of time.

“We have a lot of restaurants, and we have been able to succeed because we give people more than they expect,” Goodman said. “We take fine dining ethics and boil that down to a simple, affordable experience.”

The Window will be a carry-out burger joint with some outdoor seating. A quick glance at the menu shows a burger place based on the ethos of minimalism– the menu contains only seven food items (eight, if you include the It’s-It Ice Cream Sandwiches) with no item over $7.95

Hibler says the restaurant will bring an “ad hoc, come as you are” environment, which he hopes will capture the spirit of Venice and the attraction of customers.

“We really wanted to serve the neighborhood and community well,” Hibler said. “We’re not here to be the sexy new car on street. We’re focused on fundamentals. We want people to feel like they got more than they paid for.”

The Window opens Thursday, April 4 at 11 a.m at 425 Rose Avenue.

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