The Main Library will reopen as public health orders allow. (File photo)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Santa Monica City Council,

I wonder if any of you ever visit the Santa Monica Main Library.  It is no longer possible to go there and sit and read a magazine or a book.  Every seat is occupied by a homeless person.

As a trained economist, I developed a concrete mathematical model which indicates that it is the political system which creates homelessness.  It is therefore best that the city designate a place for homeless people to going during the day other than the library.

The city of Santa Monica is one of the more prosperous cities globally and I am positive we have the means to provide such a place for homeless people to go during the day.

It is best to visit the library and see it for yourself.  I am sure you have the time, but I wonder if you have the inclination, the vision and the wisdom to see the problem and solve it.

Thank you.

Cyrus Mobasser

Santa Monica

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  1. Well said. Unfortunately, I doubt that any City Council member will take your suggestion and visit the SM Main Library. Neither tourists nor developers are affected by the homeless situation there, and they, rather than tax-paying residents of SM, seem to be the focus of the City Council.

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