A three-story building will replace Coogie’s Cafe in Mid-City and a four-story building will rise near CVS downtown according to proposals before the Architectural Review Board Tuesday night.  

The mixed-use building with 46 units and 12,080 square feet of ground floor commercial space will supplant Coogie’s, a squat diner that has occupied 2906 Santa Monica Blvd. since it was built in 1969. The owner of Coogie’s, Lawrence Rhee, died last week, the restaurant’s manager said, but the project has been in the works for some time. The corner site at Yale Street and Santa Monica Boulevard is owned by Yale West LLC, managed by producer and director Marius Markevicius.

The façade of the ground floor of the building at the corner of Yale Street and Santa Monica Boulevard consists of brick and floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. The upper two floors are broken into six boxes, each of which has a border of gray paneling around windows and inset balconies, wood paneling and a living wall. The building will be 36 feet tall.

Eight of the building’s 46 units are live-work units along the ground floor facing Yale that open directly onto the street. Six are studios and two are one-bedroom units.

The rest of the building will contain 34 market-rate units, two of which are studios. 19 have one bedroom, nine have two bedrooms and six have three bedrooms. There will also be three affordable one-bedroom units and one affordable three-bedroom unit.

A two-level subterranean garage will hold 118 parking spaces for cars and 118 for bicycles.

The other development, which will contain 15 units and 1,933 square feet of ground floor commercial space, is set to replace a vacant two-story building at 1427 Lincoln Blvd. next to the CVS. The site is owned by real estate firm Westside Partners.

The ground floor façade is primarily glass and the upper floors are divided into five vertical bands of dark gray corrugated metal, glass windows and projecting balconies and smooth white stucco. The white concrete block façade of the building facing Santa Monica Boulevard breaks to show walkways connecting the front and back parts of the structure and two “floating” apartments. The building will be 49 feet tall.

1427 Lincoln Blvd. will house 12 market-rate units: two studios, two one-bedrooms, six two-bedrooms and two three-bedrooms. It will also contain three affordable units: one one-bedroom and two two-bedrooms.

13 parking spaces will be accessible from the alley facing Santa Monica Boulevard and the project will also provide 37 spaces for bicycles.

Directly across the street, a 50-foot, 100-unit building with two spaces for commercial tenants on its ground floor is planned at 1430 Lincoln Blvd. The building’s facade features a long, bright orange stucco structure spanning the second and third levels. The rest of the facade is made up of textured metal that resembles shingles, as well as gray concrete blocks.

A few blocks away, at 1650 Lincoln Blvd., another 50-foot, 98-unit building with ground floor commercial space is planned, and there are several more mixed-use developments slated to rise on the 1600 block of Lincoln.

The Architectural Review Board will provide preliminary feedback on the design of the 2906 Santa Monica Blvd. and 1427 Lincoln Blvd. projects at its Mar. 4 meeting.


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  1. Anyone else think this is too much development for the city’s antiquated infrastructure? Sure, all these tenants will bike to work.

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