A furniture company is looking to bring their latest showroom close to its customers– their homes.

Outer, a Santa Monica-based direct-to-consumer furniture company, has recently launched Neighborhood Showrooms, a concept that will display Outer’s outdoor furniture through a customer’s home.

Through this concept, a customer would buy a piece of Outer’s outdoor furniture via Outer’s website (ranging from a pair of two armless chair sofas to a large three-piece sofa with two armless chair sofas) and have it in their space — small, big, apartment, Palisades mansion; Outer wants spaces of all sizes involved — eventually becoming a host for the furniture. By using homes as showrooms, the company can keep the cost of its products low.

The thing with furniture is its bigger and bulkier, people want to test it see it in person like with a sofa,” said cofounder Jiake Liu. “In the spirit of cutting out excess spending, customers can have a quality process at lowest prices. We don’t want to build retail show spaces. That’s where neighborhood showroom was born.”

An interested customer would schedule an appointment with the host (who’d receive a background check provided from Outer) via Outer’s website and eventually see the furniture in someone’s living space as opposed to a finely curated showroom.

When you buy something, you trust the opinion of friends and family, then you do research on brands,” cofounder Terry Lin said. “We’re trying to take advantage of that.”

Liu said the benefit of their idea is letting people see low-cost, high-quality furniture in a natural habitat as opposed to a glossy store with pushy salesmen.

Terry and I co-founded outer on a mission to bring people outside, to enjoy the outdoors. A lot of that is getting high-quality low-cost furniture to enjoy the outdoors in their backyard. The thing with furniture is it’s bigger and bulkier than most things — people want to test it out see it in person.”

The concept would essentially make complete strangers living review avatars. Neighbors meeting and greeting in the name of lounging on that summer sofa.

Outer’s website describes the idea as a “localized approach to engaging with people through the communities, cultures, and conversations that define the neighborhoods they live in.”

Liu and Lin plan on honoring this statement with free next day delivery for Santa Monica and greater LA customers. Additionally, the company has plans for a series of activations in the city. Liu and Lin said they’ve spoken to the Downtown Santa Monica Farmers Market about promoting and sponsoring events and plan to do more events centered around neighborhoods in Santa Monica.

Liu says he’s happy the company will bring people together.

“The high-level idea is just turning customers backyards into showrooms,” Liu said. “All types and sizes for homes in all settings. Customers can check an array of backyards and spaces, make an appointment with a host, check out a sofa, and two neighbors meet and connect in the process. That’s the high-level idea.”



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