Anjoyline Hana Vossil

On January 31, at about 1:58 a.m.

Officers responded to a radio call for service at Parking Structure 5- 1440 4th Street – regarding a subject loitering in the lot. Officers located the subject in the lot inside of a sleeping bag on the ground. A computer check of the subject revealed several outstanding Santa Monica bench warrants. The subject was placed under arrested for the municipal code violation and outstanding warrants. Anjoyline Hana Vossill, 53, homeless was issued a citation for loitering in the parking structure and outstanding warrants.


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  1. And what will placing her under arrest do to change the problems we face with too many people on the streets ? Especially during the coldest, wettest time of the year. I can imagine as a woman in her fifties she was just trying to find a hassle-free, warm-fish place to survive another day/night. Enough is enough. House the homeless. There is enough development going on to do so. Share the wealth.

  2. Maybe they could have helped her by telling her where she could go and feel safe while being homeless. Homeless people still have human needs, they need someplace to be, to sleep, a bathroom for God’s sake. It is a cruel society that just pushes homeless people from area to area without providing for their basic needs. Homeless people are illegal in our country. And speaking of illegal, the US takes far better care of people who deliberately break our laws to be in this nation than they do of our citizens who are homeless and need that help.

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