Lincoln Boulevard will get its long-awaited streetscape makeover by early 2021.

Construction on the Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan (the LiNC) will start by the end of 2019 and last until early 2021, costing $5 to $6 million. The City of Santa Monica has been working on the LiNC since 2015 and has already installed a bus lane and planted 50 new trees along Lincoln. By 2021, Lincoln will have new medians, curb ramps and bike connectors, as well as new workers to maintain the corridor if local businesses approve a new tax district.

South of the 10, Lincoln features fast food joints and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, car rental companies and gas stations, grocery store Gelson’s and Olympic High School. The plan is meant to lure new visitors and businesses to the corridor with attractive landscaping, banners above Olympic and Ozone and a business improvement district (BID) that will keep the street clean and deploy ambassadors similar to those in downtown Santa Monica.

Planners said the BID will help  maintain the improvements LiNC will put in and will put Lincoln businesses on the same playing field as other Santa Monica districts with BIDs.

Property owners have reacted favorably to paying assessments on their properties to fund a $350,000 annual budget that would pay for cleaners, ambassadors and a part-time coordinator to plan special projects to activate the corridor, planners said.

Work on the BID will begin at the end of February by circulating a petition, mailing ballots to property owners and holding a public hearing. The BID could be up and running as early as July 2020.

New pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure will make the busy corridor safer. There will be three new crosswalks on Grant Street, Pine Street and Wilson Place. Small groups of restaurants cluster around Grant and Wilson and Pine intersects Lincoln in front of Olympic High School.

The City will also enhance existing crosswalks at Olympic Boulevard, Pearl Street, Hill Street and Ashland Avenue. When the plan is completed, pedestrians will be able to traverse Lincoln at almost every cross street.

The City may also add more than 100 new LED pedestrian lights at 75-foot intervals along the street after 2021 if it has enough money to do so.

Construction will be separated into five zones of three to four blocks between the 10 freeway and Ozone Avenue and each zone will take three to four months to complete. Two lanes in each direction on Lincoln will remain open, but some side streets may be closed for two to three weeks and bus stops may be temporarily relocated.

Nearby residents who attended a LiNC community meeting Monday night said they were satisfied with the City’s efforts to minimize disruption during construction but were concerned that the project will draw new visitors to Lincoln who will increase demand for parking.

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  1. The curb extension at Lincoln and Olympic will create a horrible bottleneck in an already dismal intersection. Lincoln should be widened to 4 lanes each way to accommodate doubling of Los Angeles population in 30 years. Electric cars will multiple accordingly. Use tax dollars to build public transit, but improve/ widen existing roadways as well. Cars will still be king in LA in 100 years from now. Focus on getting traffic moving, not calming. Remove unnecessary stop signs that are placed less than 3 blocks apart. Quality of life is at stake here. Most of us have to drive to work and get places to make our economy work. Bikes do not work for everyone, especially elderly and disabled. Consider making dedicated bike streets. Sorry cars and bikes do not mix well. Use money for Lincoln street improvements for something productive such as homeless housing / rehab centers.

  2. Seriously, Santa Monica, Lincoln in it’s current state is needed!

    What we do need is for streetscaping and safer crosswalks along Ocean Park Blvd., you know, the defacto freeway on the south side of Santa Monica. The forgotten boulevard with HUNDREDS OF APARTMENTS who’s residences don’t need Ocean Park Freeway in front of their homes.

    Lincoln is full of car washes, grocery stores, auto repair shops and fast food places. Let it be! It needs no pretty, it is our last functional boulevard and the only way “out of Dodge.”

    Yet, at the same time in the same place, you allow children to breathe fumes from cars along Ocean Park and surrounding roads. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you keep telling us you have a plan, but the South Side of Santa Monica continues to be ignored, so spare us your “plan.”

    Prioritize busy streets where there is existing housing, Santa Monica. Lincoln Blvd. is not that street. Ocean Park, between Lincoln and 27th St. needs all traffic to slow the heck down. This is where parkways, trees, lots of crosswalks need to be, where the schools and churches, parks and playgrouns are isolated from apartments are and all the pedestrians crossing busy Ocean Park Freeway can be found. Not on Lincoln.

    Lincoln Blvd, between Olympic and the Venice border has but 1 apartment building near McDonalds. Ocean Park Blvd., between Lincoln and 17th Streets has 79 apartment buildings. Seventy nine apartment buildings with people trying to cross Ocean Park Freeway and the city chooses to “improve” Lincoln.

    See, people, here is an exact reason to vote for districts, because this city ignores Sunset Park almost always. Enough of SMRR. Enough of disengaged Councilpeople. Sunset Park needs our own representation. You would think a group called Santa Monica for Renter Rights would champion all of these apartment dwellers in all 79 apartment buildings between Lincoln and 17th St. Now let’s do the math for all the apartment buildings between 17th and Centinella. There are thousands of people who have no representation because of our current mess. Districts need to happen.

  3. You are certifiably insane! Do you live on OPB? WELL, We do. Ever since they took out the 2 lanes east and west, OPB has been a complete and total mess. Accidents of all types have quadrupled, many are fatal.
    No emergency vehicle access. Everyday at 2-3 pm the vehicle traffic is backed up from Bundy to Main St. How do I know ? I have lived and worked on OPB since 1999.
    Stop with all the “Euro” traffic calming BS, it does not work. When will they make San Vicente blvd one lane east and west ? NEVER! Because the 1% libtards control the city council and that’s where they live.
    If you live south of Wilshire. You’re part of Santa Monica’s “great unwashed”.

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