The California State Board of Equalization released its most recent survey of the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor’s practices and performance.  The Assessor’s Office, led by Assessor Jeffrey Prang, received a near perfect rating of 99.67. The rating reflects the completeness and accuracy of the Assessment Roll, which is the list of all taxable properties Los Angeles County and their values.

The report stated, “In the area of administration, the Assessor is effectively managing staffing, assessment appeals, disaster relief, and exemptions.”

“The survey gives us a great opportunity to reflect on how we can be of the greatest service to the public,” said Jeff Prang. “I want to thank the Assessor’s Office staff for the continued professionalism that has made such a positive review possible.”

Although the County Assessor has the primary responsibility for local property assessment, the Board of Equalization ensures that assessor’s offices across California maintain fair and equitable assessments. The Assessment Practices Survey is a periodic evaluation of all California Assessors to make sure they meet State standards. The report is based on a sample of the 2015-16 Assessment Roll, as well as other records and interviews with staff and public agency officials. The full report can be viewed here.

Submitted by Matthew Lyons

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