Bergamot Station Arts Center is currently accepting applications for tenants seeking affordable arts space in Santa Monica. This opportunity was developed in collaboration with Worthe Real Estate Group (WREG) and the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs and Arts Commission, with the goal of ensuring that the arts remain a vibrant part of the City’s ecosystem. The vacancies are for organizations, arts collectives or for-profit arts entities that provide public programming. Applications will be reviewed based on their artistic quality, community benefits and the degree to which they will activate the Bergamot Station arts campus. The application deadline is Friday, Jan. 25, with finalist interviews occurring in late February.

The site currently has three open vacancies, with the spaces available ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 square feet. The application is open for both long-term and short-term leases. Those interested are welcome to submit more than one application, in addition to being able to submit applications for both long-term and short-term tenancies. Multiple groups who would like to apply together to share a space are also encouraged to apply. Short-term use is defined as 30 days to one year. Long-term use is defined as a year or more.

Bergamot Station is now under the management of the Worthe Real Estate Group (WREG), which is under lease for the property with the City of Santa Monica.

To learn more about these opportunities, review the guidelines and apply at: or visit

Submitted by Miranda Iglesias, Public Information Coordinator


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