Michael D. Rich, RAND Corporation President and CEO:

Ask more questions. I am fortunate to encounter many accomplished people in my work, people whose talents and determination will quite literally change the world. Whenever I have a chance to learn about their passions and motivations, it’s fascinating and inspiring.

Spend more time with my young grandchildren. And, do my part in instilling in them a sense of civic responsibility. I co-wrote a book this past year called Truth Decay and it made me realize how important it is to teach what it means and what it takes to be a responsible citizen in the 21st Century.

Do more wandering. I travel a lot for work and go to some unusual and interesting places. Several years ago I became an amateur street-art photographer. It gets me out into parts of cities I might not otherwise see—and seems to produce my most popular tweets.

Patty Wong, Director of Library Services in Santa Monica:

2019 is bound to be a great year. The Senate and the House passed the Museum and Library Services Act this week so there will be national funding and support for libraries and museums, dedicated to promoting and preserving literacy, access to information and the breadth of cultural content. Thank you, Santa Monica residents and visitors for your patronage, your voices to encourage us to improve, and your participation. I wish for a year filled with the joy and wonder of learning, partnerships that bring opportunities and fulfillment of our community’s goals and dreams, and a personal commitment to investing in the development and professional success of our library team.

Our staff is dedicated to customer service. They try to make everyone’s experience a successful one. They bring hundreds of programs and services to YOU,  make our Santa Monica a more beautiful, creative, and engaged place of learning and curiosity. We hope you can share your love of your library – through your visits, your engagement, and sharing a kind word with our team about their great work. A little kindness goes a long way.

Chris Baca, Executive Director at Meals on Wheels West:

The MOW West staff and I are grateful for the support of the individuals, businesses, organizations and the City of Santa Monica that make up this awesome community. That support assists us in Delivering More Than a Meal to more people than ever. Our resolution is to continue to serve veterans, seniors, the disabled, formerly homeless and other homebound people.

Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson, Pastor at St. Monica Catholic Church

We are a place that is safe, a place of hospitality and a place that welcomes all. A promise [I want] to keep is continuing that. Secondly, I would love to spend more time in the year ahead doing a greater amount of prayer and reading… I just don’t slow down enough to take the time to go out to the bluff and see the beauty of God’s [sunset]. I hope to have a little more contemplation, reading and reflection in the year ahead…

My prayer this Christmas time is a prayer of hope. Hope is a gift from our god and provides an opportunity to look deep inside us and find the living presence of God right in the very heart and soul of our own lives…

We are called in a special way to help others. It’s so critical in our lives that we’re not just thinking about ourselves… I pray that we have peace in the year ahead.

Diane Miller, City Commissioner:

Diane Miller seeks to embody what Neale Donald Walsch described in “The Wisdom of the Universe” as “the grandest version of the greatest vision ever I had about Who I Am” in the coming year. Miller said she strives to always be genuine and practice self-care.

“There’s only one winning formula in life, and that is only love, only love, only love,” Miller said.

Miller said she aims to continue to approach every day “totally enjoying” and being grateful for life.

“Lighten up! I live by that credo,” Miller said. “This is my mission and purpose: to be as much of a light as I can be.”

In the long term, Miller wants to see the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

In 2019, Miller will strive to continue to offer guidance to younger women. At the same time, she wants to partner with friends while exercising, “buddy[ing] up on the health stuff.”

“[I want] to stay focused in the now, be grateful for every moment, look for an opportunity to have fun, and just watch miracles keep coming in,” Miller said.

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