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That so few showed up at City Hall last week, to protest our City government’s enthusiasm to throw tons more good money after bad in their appeal of the lawsuit they lost to maintain at-large voting instead of districts, which the court found to be discriminatory.

Only one city of 24 in California chose to fight that challenge in court. Palmdale lost, like us, new elections were ordered. And their mayor of 26 years, Jim Ledford, and two consultants, have been charged with multiple counts of criminal corruption as a result of what came out in depositions regarding the case. Ledford is likely headed to prison — oh, lucky plucky Palmdale, if only that could happen here in no-accountability-SM, to all our sitting ex-mayors on Council. And please Santa, can we throw in Richard Bloom, Judy Abdo and Denny Zane too? (That’s a joke. Mostly. Kevin McKeown has done nothing to deserve incarceration. That I know of. I just want him gone, Santa, off Council. But don’t hurt him. He’s a music guy.)


About voter ignorance/apathy everywhere: with all the evidence against Ledford, who has been dragging out his criminal proceedings longer than “Benghazi!”, he ran for mayor again last election, and got 8,502 votes from the good citizens of Palmdale, losing by not that much to Council member Steve Hofbauer with 10,631.

And so it goes, everywhere, from thousands of Trump-lies believed by millions of bozos (sorry — did not intend to insult clowns) to corruption on our own City Council that goes unprosecuted, even unacknowledged. That’s the political world we’re living in, where spin has turned into shameless lying, and discrediting media who dig up and reveal the facts is a given.


But that’s all the more reason for those who do know, and care, to show up and make their voices heard. When that doesn’t happen, and very little seems to change, people like me and the late great SMDP columnist Bill Bauer, and many other activist lovers of Santa Monica, want to throw in the towel. Beating your head against a brick wall can cause brain damage, you know. (Obviously, my detractors are nodding.)

Bill told me more than once the last few years that he was seriously thinking of not continuing his well-known My Write column, in this newspaper for more than 14 years. “Nothing has changed, it never will, people don’t care, I’m wasting my time,” he lamented. But he did continue it, up until the very end. You don’t know that it’s had no effect, I reminded him, and the fight against political corruption is a long and incremental one. You can only keep chipping away until something cracks.


Pondering the next day after that anemic turnout at City Hall, I thought, maybe I am fighting a lost cause. Maybe my vision of what we can preserve that has always made Santa Monica great, is simply not important at all to very many. Maybe I’m just plain wrong. Santa Monica should become just another corner of high-rise, densely-packed, faceless  LA. Let it go.

And then I thought some more. And I remembered that the duty of an elected official is to not only represent their constituents, but to first and foremost keep them safe and uphold the Constitution and the law. In other words, do the right thing, not the right thing for yourself and your career and for misinformed voters.

So I’m going to relieve myself of a great burden, trying to motivate the masses. From now on, I shall take on an even more Herculean task: trying to motivate elected and appointed officials to do what’s right. And I would start by saying, if you don’t see a special history and value to Santa Monica worth maintaining, maybe you should run for some position in LA, Culver City or MdR.


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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: The City’s decision to appeal their loss to maintain at-large voting was announced about an hour after the judge’s decision was made known. Isn’t there supposed to be some public discussion before these people so loose with our money decide to spend millions more of it, on a lost cause and especially since that cause is their transparent, desperate attempt to maintain their own power? If there isn’t a legal requirement, there is certainly an ethical, moral one.

IRONIC GUFFAW OF THE WEEK: per SMDP reporting Monday, the attorneys for the city said the district map should be drawn via a public process, not by the plaintiff’s attorneys. “The Court should not just adopt the district map presented by plaintiffs at trial without public input, but instead should order the City to undertake a democratic process — open to the public….”

Oh, stop, yer killin’ me! You’re actually arguing that we the public should have input on a decision-making process? You said that with a straight face? And you’re going to extend that public input to everything you decide from now on, right, City Council?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.” — unknown

Charles Andrews has lived in Santa Monica for 32 years and wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. Really. Send love and/or rebuke to him at

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  1. Great points, Charles, as always.

    The one thing I would disagree with is that the protest was disappointing. Peter and I drove hundreds of miles to participate because Maria Loya and the Pico Neighborhood Assn, plaintiffs in the case, sent us an email the prior week telling about it.

    No one knows better than we do there is no use trying to convince this corrupt Council by talking at meetings. Six years of doing that did not keep them from helping developer friends of theirs steal our home at Village Trailer Park.

    But we came to what was called not a protest, but a rally. We listened to the speakers say this is a movement. We listened to Armen Melkonians tell them Residocracy will recall six of the seven of them if they do this appeal.

    And we were excited about the movement. Like you, I want Kevin McKeown and Winterer gone first because they pretended to be on our side and then did nothing, even when we gave them irrefutable evidence of danger to the public, not just irrationality and immorality and illegality. We never expected anything better than corruption and looking out for themselves and their friends from Davis, O’Connor, O’Day, and Bloom. They should go because they are corrupt. Our so-called friends should go because they are corrupt and hypocritical to boot.

    So I think you should just wash and fluff up that towel. It is not over yet, my friend.

  2. When you call half the voters in this country bozos you lose all credibility. it’s easy to talk like that in Uber-Liberal Santa Monica but please remember you are living in a bubble… Please call me a clown to my face…

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